Have you thawed?

Have you frozen your picture of Calvin at the days when you were a student? Test your knowledge of today's Calvin with these trivia questions. The answers to all these questions may be found somewhere on Calvin's website. All those who submit correct answers to all the questions by June 30, 2004, will receive a Calvin picture-frame magnet and be entered in a drawing to win a Calvin stadium blanket.

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1. Which building on campus is partially powered by solar energy, thanks to the design work of Calvin students?


2. What are the six teams (or seven if you include a non-MIAA team) that boast national championships — listing year and sport?


3. What is the name of the core gateway class that all first-year students take during interim?


4. Tuition in 2003-04 was how many dollars below the national average for private colleges and universities?


5. What are the new major and two new minors that the college approved in Spring 2004?


6. What was the name of the Roving Webcam photographer for the 2003-04 school year?


7. What did the Class of 2004 give to the college as their senior class gift?

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