Class Notes • Heritage Class

Ethel Leestma Swets ’36 continues to be active in her 91st year as a Bible study leader and speaker. An accomplished sewer, needle worker and quilter (shown here with a Norman Rockwell-themed quilt featured in the Saturday Evening Post), Ethel last year researched, designed and stitched the family crests of the Leestma and Swets families. Her hope and passion in her later years is to leave a “legacy of love” that reveals the depth of her Christian beliefs.

William Talen ’48 served on the ground crew for the re-enactment of the Wright Brothers First Flight held on December 17, 2003, the 100th anniversary of the event, at Kitty Hawk, N.C. A 1903 Wright Flyer reproduction was used for the re-enactment, and several aviation legends, including retired Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, were on hand for the five-day centennial celebration.

Since selling his Grand Rapids, Mich., hardware store eight years ago, Harold Kuizema ’50 has been an avid golfer and fisherman. He also leads a men’s Bible study, serves on the Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning board, and is active with Christian Concern for Mental Illness.

In retirement, Peter Boogaart ’49, who taught bookkeeping and accounting at Grand Rapids Christian High School for his entire career, continues to prepare tax reports for 100 families. He has served as business manager for the Christian Educators’ Journal for many years and volunteers for Wedgewood Homes. In his spare time, Peter collects precious stones and stamps.

Henry DeWitt ’51, who taught for many years at Unity Christian High School in Hudsonville, Mich., has served for 12 years as a volunteer chaplain at Sunset Manor and Village in Jenison, Mich., where he does weekly devotions and makes in-room, hospital, nursing home and funeral home calls. He also teaches classes at the manor in psychology, literature and current events.

Louis DeJong ’52 volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, mostly as a painter, and for the transportation department of the Red Cross. He has served as a board member of Kent County Habitat for Humanity and as an elder at Burton Heights (Mich.) Christian Reformed Church.

John Lobbes ’51 helps to lead the Justice for All (JFA) chapter in Orange City, Iowa, and has participated in several work projects for JFA in Mississippi, Kentucky and Florida. He also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and Crossroads Bible, a ministry to prison inmates. Claretta Van Veldhuizen Lobbes ex ’52 heads the Crossroads Bible chapter in their local congregation and helps John with his JFA projects.