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Coop encouragment
Thank you very much for your article on Chaplain Cooper (Spring 2002). I only attended one lecture by Coop, and I was only in his office once or twice, but he had a huge impact on my time at Calvin. He chose my friends! The first Sunday I was at Calvin I attended a reception on the Seminary Pond lawn, and Chaplain Cooper introduced me to two young men who were starting up a prayer group. That prayer group became the center of my social life as well as my spiritual life, and most of my friends at Calvin came from it directly or indirectly.

Chaplain Cooper's spiritual mentorship program also introduced me to a wonderful woman, Wanda Cooke, who restored my faith in the "older" generation of the CRC (people my parents' and teachers' age) and helped me through some rough decisions with her consistent visits and prayers.

Thanks, Chaplain Cooper, for what you have done for Calvin and in the lives of its students to encourage us to grow in God's ways.

Rebecca Ouwehand Zimmerman '97
Creston, British Columbia

Kingdom-focused Spark
We recently received our copy of the Spark. Each time I read this publication I am blessed by the articles. What impresses me is the focus on Christ's work and blessing in the world, not just alumni achievements which may reflect positively on Calvin. Thank you for keeping the magazine focused on the building of the Kingdom and a call for excellence and stewardship in our part of that plan.

Christine Hamstra Van Zanen '84
Klaipeda, Lithuania

More gaming results?
Given the beaming publicity of the prize winner (Class notes, Winter 2002), is the reader to conclude that the Spark will be running a page on who won what covering the lottery, sweepstakes, lucking numbers and gambling results? And, in the politically correct name of diversity, what of the losers?

Gordon Oosterman '51
Greeley, Pa.

Well-deserved award
I enjoyed reading an article about Bette Bosma receiving the Faith and Learning Award (Summer 2002). What a great lady. The award was well deserved. I am teaching now, and she is a professor that I remember very fondly. Congratulations, Bette!

Sandra Dams Johnson '79
Holland, Mich.

Great Spark
I have never paid much attention to Spark, though, as alumni, my husband and I usually thumb through it looking at marriage and birth announcements (in my case) and sports articles (in his). However, after the most recent issue (Winter 2002), I felt compelled to write and congratulate your staff on an excellent magazine. I can honestly say I read it from cover to cover. The article topics were diverse, interesting and timely, the stories well-written, and the presentation and design top-notch. As a former English major and having spent ten years as an editor, I know the tremendous effort it takes to create a product you can be proud of. Keep up the great work!

Rachel Berens Boers '90
Allendale, Mich.

More coffee, please
It was enlightening to read Melissa Kruse's article ("Coffee Grounds," Winter 2002) and learn of the many alums involved in the coffee industry. My only regret is that the one coffee house run by Calvin grads closest to Calvin's campus, namely "The Soundbite," was missed. Some grace should be extended though as this is a new coffee/desert/deli shop, opening just last spring. The Soundbite is located in the Celebration Plaza, 51/2 miles north of campus.

The Soundbite is owned by Roy Clark '92 and managed by Natasha Nelson-Mueller '00. Both Roy and Natasha have both been involved in ministry, Roy as a youth minister for a number of years and Natasha as the Rockford co-coordinator for Young Life. Roy was called to refocus his ministry into the retail market where he uses his business to minister to not only patrons but to employees as well. They also extend their ministry world wide by serving only "fair-trade" coffee.

The Soundbite is just one more place we can get our coffee fix and support Calvin alums at the same time.

Dave Nelson '75
Rockford, Mich.