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The Magazine for Alumni and Friends of Calvin College
  The Calvin Spark, the Alumni Association's quarterly magazine founded in 1954, continued the legacy of alumni communication begun with the initiation of the "Alumni Letter" in 1925. Today, Spark Online gives alumni and friends of Calvin a chance to catch the highlights of each issue of the magazine, plus added resources and links to make the Spark experience even more informative and exciting.
1996 Issues

Spring 1996

Expanding the Classroom Walls
Distance-Learning Makes Calvin Accessible Worldwide

New Calvin provost has grand dreams for his alma mater

Excellence on a Long Journey
English department still golden after all these years

Summer 1996

The Music of the Spheres
God's handiwork is evident to Calvin alums involved in space-related research

Fall 1996

TENURE: A Long and Winding Road

Winter 1996

Teachers give "A" to student teaching

Theology from the Tractor Seat

River City Improv
These alumni earned their p.h.d.s in laughter

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