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Working group participants

The following reflections are a product of a group of alumni and faculty members’ work over the 2009-2010 academic year. This group, comprised of six alumni and six faculty, was the second such group convened as a result of a joint initiative between the Calvin Alumni Association Board and the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship. Participants were identified based on their interest, expertise and ability to make a significant contribution in the topic area. The group met on campus three times over the school year and one final time to complete the product presented here. The group’s mandate was to explore and deepen their collective insight into a Christian’s responsibility in the face of economic crisis. For more on this group, see the Spark article "Dollars and Sense" (winter 2010).

Tips on how to use reflections

The reflections were developed to be flexible. You can use them as an individual, family or church small group. You can use just one reflection, a series or the entire collection. Each reflection contains a brief reflection by one of the group members and is followed by several questions that can be used for your own consideration or to generate reflection and discussion within your family or small group. Some reflections contain relevant Bible verses while other do not. Feel free to add your own verses and questions if you wish.