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Logan tops win list in women's tennis
By Lynn Bolt Rosendale

Senior Allyson Logan has experienced so many great things at Calvin, she almost doesn't know where to begin: being part of the tennis team, going on the Gainey Leadership Retreat, securing an internship at WOOD-TV, mentoring a group of young students.

“What Calvin has done for me is provide a Christ-centered atmosphere—not just a Christian college by name, but a spirit of Christianity that is an integral part of who we are,” she said. “Everything else has spun off from that—tennis, academics, dorm life, mentoring groups. They've all been successful because of the foundation that they've come from.”

Coming to Calvin from Fort Wayne, Ind., was a fairly simple choice for Logan, she said. “I wanted to go to a smaller school where I could play tennis, but more importantly I wanted to find a Christian college with a good broadcast journalism program. With the [DeVos] communication building opening the fall before I came, this really felt like a good fit.”

Allyson LoganAnd for Logan it has been.

“I'm not an extremely talented athlete, but I'm an extremely competitive person; it's the drive that kind of pushed me over the edge,” she said.

At No. 3 singles this year, Logan used that competitive edge to earn a 15-5 record.

In fact, Coach Jerry Bergsma said that it was exactly Logan's competitive spirit and work ethic that helped her win more than 100 matches in singles and doubles play at Calvin—more than any tennis player in recent history.

“Allyson's success on the tennis court was based on her ability to use her strengths, identify opponents' weaknesses and be persistent in her game plan,” he said. “Over her four years of singles play, Allyson consistently beat opponents who were ‘more skilled' because of her consistency, her ability to attack weaknesses and her determination.”

That resulted in her being a big factor in the success of the tennis team over the last four years.

“This was a different year,” Logan said. “We only had two seniors on the team and lots of freshmen. We were at the top of the conference last year; we weren't sure what to expect this year. But the freshmen really stepped up, and overall we had a great season.”

The team tied for fourth in the MIAA. “I definitely would not exchange my tennis experience for anything,” Logan said. “You can learn a lot of lessons from playing a competitive college sport.”

One can also make a lot of great friends and have a lot of fun, she added.

“You spend a lot of weekends in March and April together in hotel rooms or a cramped bus,” she said. “You learn everything about each other; your team becomes your sisters.”

A lot of the Calvin team's laughs come from “the quote book,” which was begun Logan's freshman year. “Anything funny that gets said goes in the quote book,” Logan said.

Like the time on spring break when captain Kari Lipinski said, “Politely shovel it in, ladies,” as she quietly instructed team members to eat the potluck quickly so that they could all go back and tan.

“To read through it brings back a lot of good memories; it makes me laugh out loud,” she said.

Logan made team unity a priority, Bergsma said. “Allyson worked tirelessly behind the scenes to encourage all of her teammates in their academic and athletic pursuits,” he said.

“People like Allyson do not come along very often in a coach's career,” he added. “The blend of talent, competitive spirit, effort, kindness, leadership and dedication to the team were extremely important to our success and growth as a tennis program. I am confident that the influence she has had on this year's team will continue to bear fruit in future seasons.”