Public Health Major

The interdisciplinary public health major consists of 15 courses.  Seven of these courses are required and four courses meet distribution requirements.  An additional four advisor- approved and program-approved elective courses are intended to deepen student learning in a key area of public health.

(44-47 semester hours)

  • PUBH 101 Introduction to Public Health
  • PUBH 248 Epidemiology
  • PUBH 295 Public Health Seminar
  • PUBH 395 Advanced Seminar in Public Health
  • ECON 241 Health Economics and Health Policy
  • PHIL 212 Ethical Dimensions of Health Care
  • SOC/SOWK 250 Diversity and Inequality in the United States
  • One course from: 
  • One course from:
    • HE 265 Basic Health Concepts: Mental Health, Fitness, Sexuality, Aging, Addictive Behaviors, and Death
    • HE 266 Basic Health Concepts: Diseases, Substance Abuse, Community, and Evironment
    • PSYC 335 Health Psychology
  • One course from:
    • POLS 212 American Public Policy
    • SOWK 360 Social Welfare Policy Analysis
    • POLS 295 Special Topics: Evaluating Health Care Reform
  • One course from:
    • BIOL 364 Global Health, Environment, and Sustainability
    • ENST 210 Human Modifications of the Global Environment
    • IDIS 212 Global Health
  • Four 200- or 300-level advisor- approved and program-approved electives