Khaznat al-Faroun at Petra, Jordan. Photo taken by Calvin College professor Bert DeVries

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Lost City of Stone

News: March 9, 2005

A Behind-The-Scene Sneak Peak at Petra

DSC00981.jpg (34kb)
Chris Williams, Cincinnati Art Museum, skillfully guides an artifact into place.
DSC00985.jpg (39kb)
Joel Zwart, director of Calvin's Center Art Gallery, examines the carved stone from below.
DSC00993.jpg (53kb)
Lifting one piece just a 1/4 inch takes the team's full effort.
DSC01010.jpg (65kb)
Brian McDowell, Westshore Rigging, gently lowers the next artifact.
DSC01020.jpg (63kb)
The carved monuments up front.
DSC01041.jpg (56kb)
The exhibit's largest piece is slowly lowered into place.
DSC01047.jpg (64kb)
The nearly 4-foot-tall bust of Dushara weighs some 2,100 lbs!
DSC01065.jpg (75kb)
After careful re-positioning the bust its rigging is lifted away.
DSC01081.jpg (59kb)
Joel Zwart secures the installation using wooden shims.
DSC01090.jpg (49kb)
The plans show there's much to do before opening day, April 4th!

Photography by Luke Robinson

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