Khaznat al-Faroun at Petra, Jordan. Photo taken by Calvin College professor Bert DeVries

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Lost City of Stone

News: April 6, 2005

Calvin Lecture Series Lends Educational Flavor to Petra Exhibition

As an educational complement to Petra: Lost City of Stone, a roster of experts will introduce the greater Grand Rapids area to Petra and the Nabataeans — their history, their culture and the archaeology that brought both to light.

  Tuesday Evening Lectures
Hear Petra
Learn about Petra's people and culture at special classes, or noon and evening lecture series.

April 19 — July 26
7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Prince Conference Center
Admissions is free

May 31
"Excavations at Little Petra"

June 7
"Hydrology: Relationship to Preservation"

June 14
"Petra and the time of the Crusades"

June 28
"Water Systems and Gardens"

July 12
"Petra Scrolls"

July 26
"Nabataean Pottery"

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At special classes, educator workshops, Noontime Series and evening sessions, archaeologists, historians — even the curator who spent nine years putting Petra: Lost City of Stone together — will discuss excavations of Nabataean sites; Petra's water systems, geology, preservation and national park; the historical context of Petra; Nabataean scrolls and pottery; and traditional Jordanian and Syrian costumes and customs.























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