Khaznat al-Faroun at Petra, Jordan. Photo taken by Calvin College professor Bert DeVries

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Lost City of Stone

For Educators: References

Annotated lists of books and Web sites to support your study of Petra and other ancient civilizations. Educational references are courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History.

Reference Lists

Petra Books
References: Kindergarten and up
Want to learn more about archaeology but don't know where to start? Dig in with this list of books, with titles for both kids and adults.

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Petra Websites
References: Kindergarten and up
Explore Petra and learn more about archaeology with this Web list for kids and adults.

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Archaeology Books for Kids
References: Grades 3 and up
Uncover ancient mysteries. Learn how trees keep records of the past. Travel centuries ahead in time to look back at the U.S. And dig into archaeology with these six kid-friendly books.

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