Khaznat al-Faroun at Petra, Jordan. Photo taken by Calvin College professor Bert DeVries

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Lost City of Stone

For Educators: Lessons

The curriculum materials and activities, courtesy of Neal Bierling (Ada Christian School) and Ann Dimmick (Calvin College), include an overview with the State of Michigan's framework for teaching and other standards correlations.


Act It!
Lesson: Grades 6-12
Students use the information they have learned about Petra to create skits or plays.

The "A-ha!" Aspects of Petra
Lesson: Grades 3-12
Students love high-interest facts and information. This lesson gives students the opportunity to search and compile a list of these "A-ha!" facts. Once these are found, students can apply these to a game of their own design.

Create Your Own Music
Lesson: Grades 3-12
This lesson gives students with musical talent or music interest the opportunity to create their own raps or songs featuring Petra information. The keyboard is the instrument of choice; what students can do with a keyboard is amazing.

Illustrated Timelines
Lesson: Grades 5-12
The timeline of Petra is illustrated by students and featured in a 25-foot mural.

Making Paper with Papyrus
Lesson: Grades 2-8
This project answers the question, "How did Nabataean students of Petra record the information of their day?" Students will gain firsthand experience with the writing of the Nabataeans. Instructions are included for making paper with papyrus. There is also a copy of the Greek alphabet so that the student can experience writing as the students of Petra did long ago.

Map Comparisons
Lesson: Grades 6-12
This lesson gives an in-depth look at maps of the first century A.D. and current maps for the purpose of comparison.

Nabataean Journals
Lesson: Grades 3-12
Petra, Nabataeans, engineers, builders, potters, religious leaders, Roman Era, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra, Herod the Great.

Research Topics
Lesson: Grades 6-12
This site offers selected topics for researching Petra . It gives reference to a wide selection of resources for students to explore, including Web sites and written text.

Trade Route Simulations
Lesson: Grades 5-12
This site turns your classroom into a simulation of the Nabataeans' monopoly of trade.

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