Khaznat al-Faroun at Petra, Jordan. Photo taken by Calvin College professor Bert DeVries

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Lost City of Stone

For Educators: Guide & Activities

How do archaeologists investigate historical change and continuity? This Educator's Guide uses artifacts from the Petra: Lost City of Stone exhibition to explore this and other fundamental ways in which ancient civilizations serve as windows onto our own. Related resources include a timeline, a map, and a wide range of activities. The curriculum materials and activities, courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History, include an overview with the State of Michigan's framework for teaching and other standards correlations.

Curriculum Materials

Petra Educator's GuidePetra Educators' Guide
Curriculum Materials: Kindergarten through grade 12
Use this guide as you explore the ancient caravan city of Petra and the nomadic desert traders, the Nabataeans.


Petra Educator's Guide Insert
Activity: Kindergarten and up
Check out this trade route map of Petra from over 2,000 years ago and a timeline of the city's historic events.

Be an Exhibition Explorer in Petra: Lost City of Stone
Activity: Grades 3 and up
It's time to explore Petra: Lost City of Stone . Walk through the exhibit and hunt for six artifacts.

Make Your Own Sifting Screen
Activity: Kindergarten and up
Create a simple sifting screen and see if you can find any artifacts around your school.

Make a Scale Drawing
Activity: Grades 3 and up
Combine your drawing and math skills to create a scale drawing and learn about the importance of observing and recording in archaeology.

How Does Where You Live Shape How You Live?
Activity: Grades 6 and up
Learn how various environments affect the way people live in them.

Shoebox Archaeology
Activity: Grades Kindergarten and up
Create a layered shoebox filled with personal artifacts. Then excavate other people's boxes in this archaeological game.

To Rot or Not to Rot
Activity: Grades 6 and up
Create five archaeological site conditions and watch how each environment preserves organic materials differently.

Where Did You Find It?
Activity: Grades Kindergarten and up
Where an artifact is found can give us important clues to what it was used for.

Do Your Own Dig
Activity: Grades 6 and up
Plan your own archaeological dig and get ready to excavate!

Making Mosaics
Activity: Grades 3 and up
Make your own colorful mosaic out of cut paper!

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