Student Treats 2014-2015

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About student treats

Student Treats are a fun and easy way to let your student know that you're thinking of them. Everybody loves to give and get treats! There are six seasonal treats and four special occasion or "anytime" treats available. You can order them individually or as a "Year of Treats" package (which includes a birthday treat). Encourage and surprise your student with a delicious gourmet apple, a box of goodies at exam time, or a sweet Valentine's treat.

When my Dad sent me special treats during my time at Calvin, I was always surprised; and, the love that welled up within me gave me renewed hope for whatever challenges I was facing. That was 20 years ago, and I still distinctly remember how I felt when I received these surprises. I would like other parents to know how much this can mean to their child/student.”
Jennifer Kilgore Craft '97

Treats for off campus students

Treats may also be ordered for students who live off campus. Although treats cannot be delivered to off-campus locations, those students will receive an e-mail notification about easy, on-campus pickup.

Dietary restrictions

Due to high volume (and a small staff), we are unable to accommodate special orders. The Gourmet Apple Treat and the Study Break Treat are gluten-free options. The Winter Exam Treat and Spring Exam Treat include a variety of snacks; some contain gluten, but those are packaged and shareable. We are sorry, but we do not offer any lactose-free treats.