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Health Service Update 2013

Information about changes to health services

Dear Parent,

In order to comply with new federal health regulations, Calvin Health Services has instituted many changes. These changes have impacted our fee schedule. While we needed to increase the cost of care at Health Services, the average fees will be noticeably lower than those in the local community.
Since Calvin requires that each student have health insurance in compliance with the new federal regulations, Health Services negotiated a contract with United Healthcare to make a student health plan available at a reduced rate. I encourage you to consider the student plan if you have an out-of-state HMO or PPO and your student has medical conditions that require close monitoring. Details of the student plan are outlined here.

Here are some exciting changes in the plan that will benefit your student significantly!

  • United Healthcare has lowered their fees by 5.6% to $1,282 annually, even as they expanded their coverage to meet all the new federal regulations.
  • United Healthcare will cover the cost of any office visit to Calvin Health Services with no co-payment or deductible.

Why these changes? Because United Healthcare reviewed their data from the past two years and noticed that more Calvin students remained in school after a serious medical problem and more students recovered from their illness or injury with fewer complications when compared to other colleges.

Our expanding services include the new "Home-Away-From-Home" model of patient-centered care. Helping students maintain a relationship with the family's current primary care provider is one of our goals. Calvin Health Services is now capable of managing more complex medical cases and collaborating with specialists out-of-town. These changes will allow us to continue to serve all Calvin students living on- or off-campus.  Some of our medical services include physicals, immunizations, labs, office visits, allergy shots, mental health care, procedures such as ECGs and spirometry, as well as minor office procedures. In addition, most local insurance carriers recognize Calvin Health Services as a comprehensive primary care office—the first college in the region to attain this recognition! Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted at our office, but for your convenience, as of July 1st, all other medical insurances are now accepted at our office and billed directly.

As of September 15th, our office will be participating with Aetna and Cofinity. We already participate with BCBS/BCN of Michigan, United Healthcare, and Priority Health.

It is our heartfelt desire that every student will have a healthy experience at Calvin.  If an unforeseen illness or injury occurs, it is critical that each student have adequate insurance coverage during that stressful time. Feel free to contact our office with your comments, questions, or concerns.


Laura Champion, MD
Medical Director
Calvin College Health Services
(616) 526-6187 |

Office hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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