November 4, 2014

Richard Daley

The January Series, which takes place on campus during the students' interim term, provides a 15-day liberal arts education to the Calvin community. For free! Click the link or picture to find out who's coming this year, and how you can join in---live or online.

Calvin will replace its 40-year old kiln with a technologically advanced, easy-to-use and energy-efficient gas reduction fire kiln.

An art exhibition on campus will bring together Native American historical artifacts and the work of an early 20th century photographer.

Events, photos


Parents, families, friends and alumni are always invited to any event hosted by alumni networks around the country. Find out more on the Calvin Alumni Association pages. Next up, families and friends in New York City are invited to meet President Le Roy on November 6.

Be sure to check Calvin's calendar to find out about campus events to attend if you are in the area, or to find out what students are doing.

Wonder what students who are studying abroad are doing? Check calvinstudyabroad on Instagram!

Recommend One, Give Five

Recommend One

We ask all alumni/parents to do two things: Recommend One and Give Your Five.

We’re talking about encouraging a high school junior or senior who would benefit from Calvin's "heart and mind" education (the “One”) and making a small gift to Calvin to work toward 100% alumni participation, boosting Calvin's standings for select grants and college rankings (the “Five”).

Learn more about why these two things are so important »

Thanks for ordering apples!

Send  your student a gift of  encouragement: Student Treats 2014-2015

Nearly 300 homemade caramel apples, with personal messages from YOU, were delivered yesterday. Students were sent an email with instructions on how to claim their gourmet treat. Thanks so much for participating!

Visit Student Treats for more information about upcoming treat options. Call Jen at (616) 526-6142, or e-mail, if you have questions.

Fall events


Beginning November 13, Calvin Theatre Company presents Metamorphoses.

Dance Guild performs November 21 and 22.

Many music ensembles have a fall concert.

Keep an eye on the campus event calendar for events going on every day.


campus image

As we near the end of the fall sports season, watch/listen to live contests (and/or tournaments); find all links on the Sports homepage.

Follow the Knights from your inbox with the daily Calvin Sports Report (CSR), an email bulletin for game summaries and statistics, top performances, honors and honorees, rankings and previews. Your email address will be kept private for CSR use, only. Find out more and subscribe or manage your subscription here.

Thanksgiving info


CALENDAR: For this year, Thanksgiving break will begin on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, allowing students a travel day, and break will run through the weekend. See the dates in the Parent Calendar below. Advance notice for 2015: The Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2015 will be a regular class day. The Thanksgiving break schedule is affected by the date when Labor Day falls. Contact the provost office for specific questions.) Please encourage your student(s) to participate in classes until Thanksgiving break officially begins and as soon as classes resume. Thank you!

DINING: The dining halls will have a celebratory Thanksgiving Buffet on November 20. Your off-campus or Knollcrest East student will also enjoy this meal if they have the Community Dining Plan.

RIDES/HOUSING: If your student is looking to offer or find a ride home for Thanksgiving, he or she should post that information in Portal, the comprehensive site for all of Calvin online accounts and services. The residence halls are open during Thanksgiving break.

Broene Counseling Center

Broene stained glass window

The mission of Broene Counseling Center (on campus) is to provide quality counseling and therapy services in a relaxed and confidential setting within a Christian framework. They can help students cope with difficult times and support personal, emotional and spiritual growth. They have a page with Information for Parents & Family.

Calvin calendar on its way to you!

Every year about 4,000 young people come to Calvin, either for the first time or as returning students, to wonder, learn and grow. There are opportunities for each student to experience God's goodness through off-campus programs, science experiments, athletic teams and worship services. This year, the Calvin College 2015 calendar celebrates the wonder and blessing of living and learning at Calvin. Watch the mail for your calendar, which is being sent to parents and grandparents of current students.

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