June 17, 2014

We want to welcome new parents to the Calvin-Parents e-newsletter! Calvin-Parents keeps parents and families informed of news, events and helpful information from campus. This occurs weekly during the school year, and less often during summer. If you have questions anytime, contact parent relations (616-526-6142; parents@calvin.edu). We're here all summer. 

Please note our NEW website: www.calvin.edu/parents. We thank student Sarah (Dongyi) Hao for her excellent work. Pardon our dust as we continue to make updates as we prepare for the fall semester!

If your student has graduated and/or you no longer wish to receive Calvin-Parents, or if you wish to change or add email addresses (to include grandparents, guardians, etc.), contact us at parents@calvin.edu or manage preferences here.

Prayers for campus safety


President Le Roy sent a note to campus on June 6 requesting prayers for Seattle Pacific University (SPU). Here's an excerpt:

My heart is heavy today with grief for the victims of yesterday's shooting at Seattle Pacific University. I know that each of you feel the same way and I thank you for your prayer and solidarity with our colleagues and friends at SPU. My prayer today is to ask, "How long oh Lord? How many more of these tragic events will our society have to endure?" I don't know the answer, but I feel compelled to make this petition.

And a note from Bill Corner, director of campus safety:

Not only am I the director of campus safety at Calvin, but I am a parent of two students here. And even though Calvin is a safe place, I am always emphasizing safety. The shooting at SPU was a reminder that we do not live in a vacuum on a Christian college campus, safe from the violence that we see in other places. No matter how well prepared we are, we can never guarantee that something like this would never happen on our campus. However, there are steps we have taken to prepare our community to respond to the threat of an act of violence.

At Calvin, our readiness strategies include prevention, preparedness, education and communication.

*Prevention includes giving faculty, staff and students the ability to notify the CARE Team when they have concerns about a student’s behavior.
*Preparedness includes having full-time Campus Safety staff receive regular training on how to respond to an active threat and work with local law enforcement.
*Education includes programs, discussions and video resources. The college also has an Emergency Response Plan.
*Communication includes emergency notifications when there is a campus emergency. Students can go to: www.getrave.com/login/calvin to sign up. Also, ask them to add the campus safety numbers (616) 526-3333 (emergency) and (616) 526-6452 (non-emergency) to their phones so they can notify us quickly of potential issues. See campus safety for more details.

Everyone working together helps make Calvin a safer place to learn, live and work. If you have questions about campus safety, contact me at safety@calvin.edu.

Events for you!

The Calvin Spark

Calvin alumni and friends gather throughout the summer and families are invited! There are baseball games, concerts, beach outings---some of them with President Le Roy. Young alumni in the Grand Rapids area also have special events planned just for them. Find out more on the alumni homepage (events listed down the right side), and look for an updated alumni website soon!

Please note: President Le Roy will be in Pella, Iowa, on Tuesday, June 17. Anyone that would like to meet and greet him is invited to do so---it's a free event, open to all.

Check the current issue of Spark magazine for alumni and friends; be sure to read profiles of alumni doing God's work around the world.


PASSPORT is a day and a half summer program designed for new students and adult family members to learn about Calvin through activities and creative workshops that highlight the range of opportunities at Calvin.

PASSPORT I: July 2–3
PASSPORT II: July 17–18
PASSPORT III: August 25–26
See the Orientation>Parents and Family pages for complete schedules and to see a video for parents.


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