October 28, 2014

President Le Roy

Parents, families, friends and alumni are always invited to any event hosted by alumni networks around the country. Find out more on the Calvin Alumni Association pages.

Next up, families and friends in New York City are invited to meet President Le Roy on November 6.

Last call for apples

Gourmet Apple Treat

Our next deadline for Student Treats is for the Gourmet Apple ($15) which you may order through today, October 28; delivery date is Monday, November 3. These locally-made gourmet apple treats use tart, juicy (and large!) apples that are hand-dipped in layers of the finest chocolate and creamy caramel.

Contact us if you have any questions: parents@calvin.edu.

Who's your ONE?

Recommend One

The majority of this year’s incoming class first heard about Calvin from friends or family. Would you help us recruit students that you think would thrive here?

Start a conversation about Calvin with a high school senior, invite them to visit campus, take them to a concert or game, show them the Calvin blogs. However you choose to connect, please encourage them to apply for free by December 1. If you do, we'll send you a free ReCommend t-shirt.

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Sports, news

Calvin Knights: Sports Information

Be sure to check the Calvin Knights pages to get results from weekend match-ups---on campus and on the road. Many events are broadcast online: audio, video and/or live scoreboards. Also, subscribe to Calvin-Sports for reports from every sport and follow Calvin Game Day on Facebook.

Check the most recent stories from campus on the News & Stories page. And all the latest student news---from students---in Chimes, the official student newspaper of Calvin.

Thanksgiving info


CALENDAR: For this year, Thanksgiving break will begin on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, allowing students a travel day, and will run through the weekend. See exact dates in the Parent Calendar below. Advance notice for 2015: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be a regular class day. If you have questions or comments, please send them to parents@calvin.edu and we'll make sure they get directed to the appropriate department.

DINING: The dining halls will have a celebratory Thanksgiving Buffet on November 20. Your off-campus or Knollcrest East student will also enjoy this meal if they have the Community Dining Plan.

RIDES/HOUSING: If your student is looking to offer or find a ride home for Thanksgiving, he or she should post that information in Portal, the comprehensive site for all of Calvin online accounts and services. The residence halls are open during Thanksgiving break.

First Year Seminar (FYS)

C Talks: First Year Seminar

A mandatory seven-week course for all first year students, FYS is a “welcome to Calvin” class. The curriculum has been designed to help students navigate their first semester of college. This class is pass/fail to further help students deal with the practical challenges of their first semester.

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If you have any questions during the school year, contact parent relations (616-526-6142; parents@calvin.edu). Thank you for entrusting your child to Calvin College!