September 9, 2014

The annual beginning-of-the-year dorm competition, Chaos Day (pictures), was held on a Friday night for the first time in its 45 year history. Of the awards handed out, a special shout-out to Noorderwier-VanderWerp, the dorm that received the "Cup of Perspective." What is the Cup of Perspective?

On Saturday, the Knollcrest East apartments battled it out at
Mud Bowl (pictures). What is Mud Bowl?


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First Year Seminar (FYS)

C Talks: First Year Seminar

A mandatory seven-week course for all first year students, FYS is a “welcome to Calvin” class that's been around for about 10 years (previously, Prelude). The curriculum has been designed to help students navigate their first semester of college. This class is pass/fail to further help students deal with the practical challenges of their first semester.

See the videos for Week 1: What is vocation? The Calvin Community defines and describes vocation; and philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff and President Michael Le Roy talks about the value of a liberal arts education.

Send treats

Send  your student a gift of  encouragement: Student Treats 2014-2015

Student Treats are a fun and easy way to let your student know you are thinking of them throughout the year.

Our first ordering deadline is for the Year of Treats which is available until tomorrow: Wednesday, September 10, 2014. This package includes six treats delivered throughout the year for only $100 (a $115 value). One of the treats in this package is the Winter Exam Treat which features our new Yowie! spirit wear.



Now is the time to make plans to come back for Family Weekend 2014. Combined with Homecoming, Family Weekend offers activities and events—many of them FREE—for all ages. See the complete schedule. Stay tuned for another Calvin-Parents to be sent this week with more information.

Parents, families, friends and alumni are always invited to any event hosted by alumni networks around the country. Here are a few examples: a Nationals baseball game in D.C. today; Lakeshore (Mich.) luncheon with Dr. Robert Swierenga '57 or a new grad welcome in Grand Rapids on September 18; President Le Roy in Colorado on September 20; Stratford (Ont.) Festival with profs and students on September 20. River City Improv in Plymouth (Mich) on October 25. Find out more on the Calvin Alumni Association pages.

Academic resource

Curious about academics for your first-year student? See the First-Year Academic Guide with links to Academic Services (contact: Dana Hebreard) and a FAQ list.

Sports, news

Calvin Knights: Sports Information

Be sure to check the new Calvin Knights sports pages to get results from weekend match-ups---on campus and on the road. Many events are broadcast online: audio, video and/or live scoreboards. Also, subscribe to Calvin-Sports for reports from every sport and follow Calvin Game Day on Facebook.

Check the most recent stories from campus on the News & Stories page. And all the latest student news---from students---in Chimes, the official student newspaper of Calvin.

Dining plan option

Food service image

Have you considered purchasing a Community Dining Plan for your off-campus student or Knollcrest East resident. Our hope is to enrich and extend the sense of community at Calvin by offering affordable and flexible dining options for upperclass students. An occasional all-he-or-she-cares-to-eat meal in the dining hall would provide a wide and healthy variety of foods and beverages, and the opportunity to eat together with friends, classmates, and faculty members.

Study James with us

James - George M. Stulac

"Consider it pure joy..."

Calvin invites you to join them in the study of the book of James—with no homework, no final exam. Using George M. Stulac’s commentary, the entire college community will be walking through James in 10 weeks.

The schedule and week-by-week guides are all available online now.


Every Calvin alumna, alumnus, parent, faculty and staff member and current student knows a high school senior who would benefit from Calvin’s “heart and mind” education. So, think about who your "one" could be and how you might connect with them this year to personally encourage them to consider Calvin.

Know one? See Admissions about visiting campus to give Calvin a test drive.

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If you have any questions during the school year, contact parent relations (616-526-6142; Thank you for entrusting your child to Calvin College!