Members of the Calvin community often make use of acronyms, phrases, and other references that first-year students or parents might not be familiar with. Here are a few "glossary” definitions to help you translate what you might be hearing Calvin students and staff members talk about.

AC: Activity Coordinator, a student volunteer who assists the RA in planning social activities for the residents.

AER: Academic Evaluation Report, a reference tool which shows graduation requirements for the core curriculum and a student's major(s) along with student progress toward completing those required courses.

Barnabas: A student volunteer for each residence hall floor or campus apartment committed to walk alongside and encourage their peers by initiating Bible studies and being a friend and mentor.

BB: Boer-Bennink (Calvin residence hall.)

BHT: Bolt-Heyns-Timmer (Calvin residence hall.)

BV: Beets-Veenstra (Calvin residence hall.)

CalvinLink: A Web resource for students who are interested in on-campus, off-campus or long term employment.

Campus Safety Report: Weekly report published online by the campus safety office that keeps the Calvin community informed of recent incidents occurring on campus.

CD: Cultural Discerner, a student volunteer within the dorms who plans student activities in cooperation with Ken Heffner in the Student Activities Office.

CFAC: Covenant Fine Arts Center building.

Chimes:Weekly student newspaper.

CJ: Community "John." In addition to the bathrooms located in each residence hall suite, each dorm floor also features a community bathroom which is located next to the coffee kitchen.

CLC: Community Life Council, the entire student leadership within the residence halls.

Cold Knight Club: The annual February tradition of jumping into the icy seminary pond.

Core Curriculum: Classes that each student takes while at Calvin, regardless of his/her major.

Course Catalog: A booklet that lists the classes offered by each department and outlines the requirements for all the available majors/minors at Calvin. The Calvin College catalog is also available online.

CPC: Community Partnership Coordinator, a student within the dorms who plans service projects in cooperation with the S-LC.

CRC: Common abbreviation for the Christian Reformed Church, the evangelical denomination that founded and owns Calvin College.

Creative Dining: The food service company that services Calvin College.

Credit Hour: An hour of class; for example, a class that meets three times a week for an hour will earn three credit hours for that semester.

CTC: Calvin Theatre Company.

DCM: Developing a Christian Mind, a first-year core course, typically taken during the January Interim, that introduces students to the central intellectual project of Calvin College, the development of a Christian worldview, and a faith-based engagement with culture.

Dialogue: Monthly student arts publication.

Dormulator: The Dormulator is an interactive Web resource that allows students to configure various furniture arrangements for their residence hall room before they move into their room in September.

FEN: The FEN document, From Every Nation, was formally adopted by the faculty in 2004 and is a strategic plan that guides efforts of racial justice, reconciliation, and cross-cultural engagement at Calvin College.

GR: Grand Rapids

Interim: During January, students take up to four credit hours only, focusing on one course and also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of off-campus programs.

ITC: Information Technology Center, a computer lab located on the lower level of the Hekman Library.

KE: Knollcrest East, an on-campus residence community for upperclass students.

KHvR: Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken (Calvin residence hall.)

LOFT: Living Our Faith Together, a Sunday night student-led worship service on campus.

MAC: Multicultural Activities Coordinator, a student volunteer within the residence halls who plans activities in cooperation with the Multicultural Student Development Office.

Moodle: An online learning management system where professors supplement their classroom material with documents, quizzes and grading.

NVW: Noordewier-Vander Werp (Calvin residence hall.)

Portal: The websited providing students access to administrative transactions such as financial statements, course registration, and grades as well as Calvin-specific discussion boards and other internal campus information.

Prelude: a first-year core course that introduces students to Calvin College as a Christian community of inquiry.

RA: Resident Assistant, an upper-class student selected, trained and supervised by RDs and residence life staff to assist residence hall and Knollcrest East residents.

RD: Resident Director, a full-time Calvin professional who serves as the live-in administrator of a residence hall.

Reading Recess: A day placed at the end of the semester during which classes are not scheduled, allowing students an opportunity to complete reading and assignments

RVD: Rooks-Van Dellen (Calvin residence hall.)

SAO: The Student Activities Office. (View this 60 second video)

SE: Schultze-Eldersveld (Calvin residence hall.)

SLC: The Service-Learning Center.

Syllabus: A course outline presented to class by the professor at the beginning of the semester which outlines all policie and important dates/deadlines.

The Rivalry: The Rivalry refers to the classic, long-standing basketball rivalry between Calvin and Hope College.

TNT: The Huizenga Tennis and Track Center.

Tuition Gift Certificates: a program which allows parents, grandparents and others to purchase tuition certificates at current tuition rates which may be redeemed at any time in the future.

WA: Worship Apprentice. A student team involved in planning and leading Chapel services, LOFT and more.