2014 Interim Blogs

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May 2014 Interim in Zambia

An Eye Care Mission Trip to Mexico: January 8–28: L. Gerbens, J. Ubels

Business as Mission - India 2014: January 7–29, L. Van Drunen

Dutch Interim Abroad: January 8–28, H. De Vries

Engaging Development in Cambodia: January 7–28: L. De Rooy, D. Dornbos Jr., P. Dykstra-Pruim

Ethiopia: Nursing/Public Health (Independent Research): January 5–27: M. VanderWal

Europe Interim: Engineering, Business and Religion in the Context of European Culture: January 3–25, R. Brouwer, N. Nielsen

In Search of Water in Kenya: January 6–27, J. Bascom, D. Wunder

Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India: January 3–24, D. Bossenbroek, S. Couzens

South Korea Business & Culture: January 8–28, C. Jen, E. Vande Heide

Sustaining Hawaii 2014: January 10–27, D. Koetje

Swimming and Diving Teams training journal from Puerto Rico (on men's or women's swimming and diving) - January 2014

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Men's Basketball in Southern California - Jordan's Journal #1 | Jordan's Journal #2: December 28–30, 2013

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