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About Us

You are part of the Calvin family

At Calvin College we strive to enrich the college experience for students and their families through publications, programs and volunteer opportunities. Parents' questions and comments are always invited as we partner together in this important project of Christian higher education.

Our mission

Parent Relations is a campus-wide endeavor that supports the mission of the college and enriches the Calvin experience for students and their families through communication, programs, events and volunteer opportunities.

How we do it

1 Welcoming parents and families as full members of the Calvin community through events (such as Family Weekend and Passport), publications and web-based communications (such as Calvin-Parents);

2Including Calvin parents and families in the life of the campus—academic, spiritual, athletics, etc.;

3Developing leadership opportunities for Calvin parents through formal structures such as Parent Council and informal avenues through volunteer projects;

4Increasing the financial support from Calvin parents to assist in meeting the college's development goals;

5 Assisting Calvin academic departments and administrative offices as they relate to Calvin parents and families;

6Inspiring Calvin parents to be admissions ambassadors to their local schools, churches, and communities