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Calvin-Parents E-Newsletter: October 25, 2011

Family Weekend fun, photos

It's always a privilege to have families visiting Calvin's campus and, on a beautiful autumn weekend just past, families enjoyed spending time with each other, participating in a variety of events and meeting other families from around the country for Family Weekend 2011. Thank you to all that were able to visit and support their student(s) in person!  If you need to contact us, e-mail or call 616-526-6142.

Photos from various activities from the weekend are available on the Roving WebCam gallery. Photos include events such as the tailgater, class reunions, climbing wall action, improv, pancake breakfast and more.

Meet the Parent Council

The 27 parents of the Calvin Parent Council represent your voice to the campus community and serve as ambassadors for the college in their home areas. The council met during Family Weekend, discussing recent developments in business education at the college, a pilot program for online learning, parent perspectives about whether or not to begin an intercollegiate football team, and admissions and financial aid programming. The council meets again during Siblings Weekend in February.

Learn more about a variety of opportunities for Calvin parents to be involved with the college.


Have you been following along in the study of the book of Psalms? This week's focus is Psalm 137 and Praying Our Hate. See the Faith site for all links to worship and study guides. We have been featuring a blog for parents. Each week there is a new post here, this week's written by Calvin dad Bob Terpstra.

Join us for worship for daily Chapel services. The live feed is available 10 a.m., Monday through Friday. At 8 p.m. on Sunday evenings the live feed is available for LOFT (Living Our Faith Together) services. Click here to view archives of Chapel. Click here for the archives for LOFT.

Light in the Night

This year the Knollcrest East Apartments of Calvin will host the 17th annual Light in the Night event. It will be held on Saturday Oct. 29, 2011, from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Registration is located in the upper parking lot outside of Theta-Epsilon. The event is free, but we ask that each child attending donates one canned good item. The canned goods will be donated to Family Haven Ministries, a chapter of Inner City Christian Federation. Parking is located in same parking lot, outside of Theta-Epsilon, with overflow in the DeVos Communication Center parking lot. Read more about Light in the Night and download the instructions brochure (.pdf) if you know someone that will be attending.

If you have questions contact Jana Biegel, the assistant area coordinator of the Knollcrest East Apartments (616-526-7183).

Academic Advising Recess today and tomorrow

Calvin schedules two days of Academic Advising Recess, October 25 and 26. This is a time when classes are not in session so that faculty can meet with their advisees. Students are instructed to meet with their advisor during this time and to prepare for registration. In fact, students must meet with their assigned advisor in order to be cleared for KnightVision registration. Please do all you can to encourage your son and daughter to take full advantage of these two days. In addition to meeting with an advisor, this is a good time to get caught up on reading assignments and paper writing. It should not be a time to leave campus for a long weekend getaway.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at

Student Treats

Parents may send their student some "love" by having the parent relations team deliver a treat to them during the school year. There are birthday, exam, holiday and special event treats to send for on- or off-campus students. The full list of treats is available on the Student Treats page and you can order online now!

The next treat deadline is for the gourmet apple treat. These gourmet apples are tart, juicy apples hand-dipped in layers of finest chocolate and creamy caramel. They weight 1.5-2 pounds!  There are three flavor choices: supreme, butter brickle and no nuts!


Are you familiar with the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship (CICW)?  Here is a trio of new resources from the CICW that might be of interest.

Using the Psalms in Worship -- "The Psalms are a font of inspiration, encouragement and instruction in the life of both public and private prayer. From Basil to Bonhoeffer to Bono, the enthusiasm that emanates from wise Christian writers of every historical period points to the Psalms as one of the richest sources of wisdom for the practice of worship."
Advent Resource Guide -- "The season of Advent, a season of waiting, is designed to cultivate our awareness of God’s actions, past, present and future. In Advent we hear the prophecies of the Messiah's coming as addressed to us: people who wait for the second coming."
New Coop's Column -- "Faith and doubt are not so much fixed, static nouns as constantly active verbs. The one swells as the other shrivels; the one becomes weaker as the other grows stronger ... Faith needs cultivating in order for assurance to grow and doubt to decline."
Also, online registration now is open for the 2012 Worship Symposium

Community Dining Program

Are you looking for a Christmas gift this year for your son or daughter who lives off campus? Or, a great complement for the student treats received from you last year? Does your son or daughter have a busy class, sports and activities schedule with no time to commute home for dinner?

Calvin now has a Community Dining Program that offers 30, 60 100, and 150 block meal plans per semester to students who live off campus, at Knollcrest East, or the Timmer studio apartments. These are affordable and flexible meal options. Check out more information about the plans.

--Shirley Hoogstra, vice president of student life

Check the Parent Calendar for important dates

Here are several alumni and friends events coming up. Parents and family members are invited--encouraged---to join us!

Also, check the Parent Calendar page to keep track of important academic/financial dates throughout the year. 

October 25: Registration for interim and spring semester begins
October 25-26: Academic advising for interim and spring semester (see note above)
November 1: Miscellaneous charges payment due (1st of each month)
November 21: Tuition, room and board payment due
November 23: Thanksgiving break begins 5 p.m.
November 28:
Classes resume 8 a.m.

In Other News an e-mail newsletter published to inform Calvin parents of campus news, programs, events, etc. For any and all subscription issues, or suggestions, contact Thank you!