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Calvin-Parents E-Newsletter: February 14, 2012

He's a teacher, scholar, mentor and biochem pioneer who traffics in flaming soap bubbles. Find out more about Larry Louters who has been granted Calvin’s highest accolade as a faculty member: the Presidential Award for Exemplary Teaching.

Students who traveled the world and students who stayed on campus talk about the best and most surprising aspects of interim. And in February, the Calvin community will celebrate Black History Month by learning about the freed slave who founded the Baptist Church in Liberia, the Tuskegee Airmen and soul food.

Verge – the edge, rim or margin; the brink. At Calvin, your student will be on the verge of more than he or she can imagine. New ideas, unexpected opportunities, new territory, studies, faith. VERGE is produced three times a year by Calvin's admissions and financial aid office. Read it now and find out more about Project Dormway!

Treats delivered today

Today over 270 Valentine treats will be lovingly delivered to students with personalized messages from home. Students receiving these delicious treats will get an e-mail notifying them of a postcard in their dorm mailbox. This postcard can be redeemed with the deskie after 2 p.m. for their gourmet pretzel, Johnny's gift certificate and other goodies. Off-campus students will be notified via e-mail of a central location on campus where they can pick up their treat. These treats are perishable; if you are able, please encourage your student(s) to pick up their goodies in a timely manner.

Remember that you can always surprise your student with an "Anytime Treat" (Pizza, $20; Hugs from Home, $30), or a "Birthday Treat." For more information, contact (616-526-6142).

Annual Verification of Insurance

Students now have the opportunity to enroll in or waive out of the KnightCare student healthcare insurance plan for the 2012-2013 academic year. This is done through a secure waiver system that students may access online.
Why does Health Services require this every year? Calvin College requires that all students taking 6 or more credits have adequate health insurance coverage. Many students will experience a change in their insurance coverage due to a parent losing or changing jobs, the student gets married, or their employer has a change in insurance providers. Asking for insurance coverage annually allows us to keep the most up-to-date records in your student's chart, just in case we need it.
What can you, as a parent, do for your student during this process?
If your student is covered under your health insurance plan, and you wish to waive KnightCare, you may need to help your student fill out the online waiver. The waiver asks questions about your insurance, such as policy number, group number, and company address. We recommend verifying your insurance coverage in the Grand Rapids area before advising your student to waive out of our plan.
You may also submit health insurance information on behalf of your student. You can download and print the waiver form here.
Please encourage your student to submit his or her insurance waiver or enrollment form prior to March 15th, 2012. If you have any questions, contact health services (616-526-6187; Thank you for your help in this important process!

Rangeela, "colorful"

Rangeela is the annual showcase organized by Calvin's international students that features acts that celebrate their cultures through song,dance, and skits. The theme for Rangeela this year is "IllumiNations."

Rangeela 2012 is Feb 24 & 25, at 8 p.m., in the Covenant Fine Arts Center. Tickets ($6) are available through the Calvin Box Office (616-526-6282, and will sell quickly.

More career info

Are you the parent of a freshman or sophomore student who is undecided? Encourage your student to visit the career development office. Career counselors are available to assist students discover a major that is best suited for their interests and gifts. Students can call (616) 526-6485 or stop by the career development office (372 Hekman Library) to set up an appointment. Find us on Facebook!

Scholarships, taxes

Scholarships: Students can access an online search tool and apply via Calvin Portal: Services>Scholarships and Financial Aid>Upperclass Named Scholarship Application.
Financial Aid: Parents can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by March 1st (using estimates). If you have special circumstances, submit a Calvin supplemental aid form in addition to the FAFSA.
If you have any questions, contact the financial aid office (; 800-688-0122).

FFW early registration deadline

The Festival of Faith and Writing (FFW), April 19-21, 2012, is a celebration of religious writing and Calvin brings together the different constituencies of this writing—authors, publishers, readers, and academics—for conversation. Online registration is now open for $175 if you sign up before February 15, 2012. There are  scholarships available for recent alumni and students.

Siblings Weekend coming up!

Does your son or daughter have a younger brother or sister (or cousin, nephew, etc.) that would love to visit him or her on campus? While guests are certainly welcome all year long, it is especially fun for young visitors to come during Siblings Weekend, February 24-26, 2012.

This annual event is sponsored by residence life, with help from student activities, food service, and the Campus Store. A number of fun activities and events have been planned, and siblings can eat any and all meals as part of the $24 registration fee.

Check the Parent Calendar for important dates

Here are several alumni and friends events coming up. Parents and family members are invited--encouraged---to join us!

  • International Alumni Reception/Rangeela 2012: February 25
  • Gloryland CD Release Concert: February 29
  • River City Improv in Pacific Northwest: March 8-10, 2012
  • Economics Alumni Conference: April 13 & 14
  • Calvin 5k Spring Classic: April 28
  • 50-Year Class of 1962 Reunion: May 18 & 19
Find out more about these events. Also, check the Parent Calendar page to keep track of important academic/financial dates throughout the year. Check the Roving WebCam at any time to see what's going on with students on campus.

Mar. 15: Tuition, room & board payment due
Mar. 16:
Spring break begins, 5 p.m.
Mar. 17: Residence halls close for spring break, 10 a.m.
Mar. 25: Residence halls re-open, noon
Mar. 26: Classes resume, 8 a.m.

If you ever have any questions, contact (616-526-6142). Thank you for reading Calvin-Parents!