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Calvin-Parents E-Newsletter: October 26, 2010

pancake breakfast family**Please note: with severe weather in the area today, it's a good time to review Calvin's severe weather policy.  Thank you.

It's always a privilege to have families visiting Calvin's campus and, on a warm autumn weekend, families enjoyed spending time with each other, participating in a variety of events and meeting other families from around the country for Family Weekend 2010. Thank you to all that were able to visit and support their student(s) in person!  If you need to contact us, e-mail or call 616-526-6142. 

Photos from various activities from the weekend are available on the Roving WebCam gallery. Photos include events such as the Covenant Fine Arts Center Dedication, sporting events, the Two Shoes fundraiser, Homecoming & Family Weekend activities and more. The Alumni photo gallery also features photos from some events this weekend, too.  The photo at right is from the Pancake Breakfast, hosted by the Calvin Wind Ensemble, on Saturday morning .

2010-2011 parent council

Calvin's Parent Council

Meet the 28 members of the 2010-2011 Calvin Parent Council.  This group of Calvin parents represents your parent voice to the campus community and serves as ambassadors for the college in their home areas.  The council met during Family Weekend, discussing faith formation with campus ministries staff, touring the renovated Covenant Fine Arts Center, and planning ways that Calvin parents can assist with enrollment efforts.  The council meets again during Siblings Weekend in February.  Learn more about a variety of opportunities for Calvin parents to be involved with the college.

Decalogue image


Liviu Mocan is an Eastern European artist who's work "Invitation/Decalogue" was featured in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize. The sculpture was installed in Geneva, Switzerland, during the 500th anniversary year of John Calvin's birth in 2009. The piece was also involved in a collaborative performance based on music written by Calvin professor of music, David Fuentes.

Liviu has graciously offered to display the sculpture on Calvin's campus until next spring, and the piece was installed recently on the lawn east of the chapel, next to Hiemenga Hall. The dedication ceremony, which was held on a beautifully bright autumn day on the lawn next to the pillars, can be viewed anytime on Calvin's Faith Vimeo channel. [On that Vimeo page, you need to scroll down to October 14 . The service begins at approximately 2:50 on the video.]  In that service, you can hear the artist talk about his inspiration to make the artwork and God's plan to bring it to Calvin.

Here is more information about the artwork:

Invitation/Decalogue, 2009
The monument consists of 10 golden pillars, around 16 feet high, resembling human fingers. Set in a circle, the pillars have two sides: a smooth, contoured side facing towards the center, creating a sense of peace and well being as one stands in the circle. The other side, facing outwards, forms a sharp, unyielding blade. This interactive sculpture will invite visitors to walk in and out of the circle of pillars, to touch the gold, to sit on the small seat cut into each pillar, and to reflect on the artwork and the ideas that inspired it. At one level, the sculpture is a study on the nature and purpose of law in society: to create a space for freedom and human flourishing, while providing protection and security. At another level, the work of art speaks of the universal human quest for peace and spiritual well being.

students studying

Help a student choose Calvin

ReCommend Calvin! Parents and alumni, you are our best ambassadors. Help us recruit students to the school you love!

Talk to high school students, parents, guidance counselors, pastors—even students already admitted to Calvin. Tell your Calvin story, and let us know who you're talking to! We'll follow up with information to help students make an informed decision.

Find out more on the ReCommend page.


Gourmet apple offered

Student Treats are a fun and easy way to let your student know that you're thinking of them. Everybody loves to give and get treats! There are six seasonal treats and three special occasion or "anytime" treats available.  Encourage and surprise your student with a delicious gourmet apple, a box of goodies at exam time, or a sweet Valentines treat.

The next treat offered is a gourmet apple which is hand-dipped in layers of fine chocolate and creamy caramel. The deadline for the apple is November 9, 2010. Treats are delivered to on-campus locations only, but may also be ordered for students who live off campus. You son or daughter living off campus will receive an e-mail notification and can pick up their treat in the registrar's office.  Order your treats online today!

Lindsay Reason 125

Every Student. Every Day.

When you give to the Calvin Annual Fund, you will join other alumni and friends in helping shape the lives of 4,000 students enrolled at Calvin. Together our annual fund gifts immediately and directly benefit every student.

Find out more about Nicole, Vince, Alex, Ashley, Matt, Simon, Lindsay and Ahna.

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Coop's Column: Belonging

This week Dale Cooper writes for the Worship Institute on lonesomeness and worship and his mother.  Marjorie Cooper became paralyzed from her neck to her toes at age 26 and spent the remainder of her life in an iron lung which did her breathing for her.

You can now "Like" Calvin Institute for Christian Worship on Facebook.

dining hall

Career resources

In the midst of today’s difficult economic times, it is more important than ever that students are making good choices to prepare for a career or graduate school after college.  To encourage your son or daughter in effective career decision-making, here are some things you can recommend at each level of his or her college experience: 

  • Freshman year:  visit the Career Development office to learn about the resources provided and establish a relationship with a career counselor.     
  • Sophomore year:  conduct job shadowing experiences and/or informational interviews with professionals who are working in careers you are considering; take career tests and review the results with a career counselor if you are unsure how your strengths, abilities and interests will translate into the world of work.
  • Junior year:  develop your resume and cover letter; secure an internship or part-time job in your career field of interest using the online posting system CalvinLink (
  • Senior year:  meet with a career counselor in early fall to develop a plan for your job search or graduate school applications; refine your resume and cover letter.

Professionals in the career development office are available to assist students and alumni with every aspect of the vocational planning process.  Visit our website for additional resources and information. 

campus image

Light in the Night

This year the Knollcrest East Apartments of Calvin will host the 16th annual Light in the Night event. It will be held on Oct. 30, 2010, from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Registration is located in the upper parking lot outside of Theta-Epsilon. The event is free, but we ask that each child attending donates one canned good item. The canned goods will be donated to Family Haven Ministries, a chapter of Inner City Christian Federation. Parking is located in same parking lot, outside of Theta-Epsilon, with overflow in the Devos Communication Center parking lot.  Read more about Light in the Night.

If you have questions, contact community life coordinator Andrea Timmerman, Knollcrest East Apartments (616-526-7183).

Check the Parent Calendar for important dates

Bookmark the Parent Calendar page to keep track of important dates throughout the year, including:

Oct. 26 & 27: Academic Advising for interim and spring semester (no classes 8 a.m. Tues. - 5 p.m. Wed.; Wednesday night classes do meet 
Nov. 1: Miscellaneous charges payment due (1st of each month)
Nov. 13: Calvin Community Symphony (formerly, Calvin Alumni Orchestra) concert
Nov. 19: Tuition, room and board payment due
Nov. 20: Capella 75th Anniversary Reunion on campus
Nov 24: Thanksgiving (U.S.) break begins 5:00 p.m.
Nov. 29: Classes resume 8 a.m.

In Other News

News & Stories from campus

Calvin pre-med students will benefit from partnership with MSU med school. Also see: