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Calvin-Parents E-Newsletter: January 11, 2011

Interim image

Interesting Interim

Interim is on!  Here are a few classes with some interesting offerings:

  • What's the greatest sports movie of all time?  Read more about the "Sport, Film and Fiction" class which is talking about the best sports films and books.
  • Another class recently visited the Anne Frank House.  Read the blog for “Business, Engineering, and Religion in the Context of European Culture.”
  • Twenty-two students and two professors traveled to China last week to learn as much as possible about that country and its people in three weeks. They have a blog, too.
  • Find out more about "Amazing Race," the Calvin College edition.  Follow the blog of the Calvin students that have set out to conquer different physical and mental challenges, hither and yon, for their January term.  Yesterday truly was a racing day for them!
  • Another class is studying "Dutch landscapes in the Netherlands."  There are photos posted from their travels.
Find out more about Interim and other classes offered, including the 32 off-campus classes.

Praying with Calvin

Since there are so many students traveling for Interim, we ask for your prayers for their safety and protection.  From the Faith site:

Give joyful praise to our Lord for the gift of a New Year.

May all in the Calvin family seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18) in 2011, and may New Year resolutions demonstrate a desire for deep relationship with the Lord.

Read some prayer concerns in the month of January.
recession work    group

Christian reflections on recession

Looking for resources to start a discussion on topics of faith and finance with your family or church group?  Six alumni and six faculty worked together on a collection of 27 articles, with discussion questions, on Christian perspectives for turbulent economic times. 

Topics include financial stewardship in your 20s and 30s, informed consumers, giving: an early test, and a stock picker for Christians.

Read the full collection here.

Andy Crouch

January Series

To tie in with Interim, there is a group of students that attends the daily January Series lecture and writes a journal entry about the speaker. The Interim class is called, "An Inside Look at the January Series." You can find their entries here.

Andy Crouch was the speaker for today's January Series lecture.  He is the winner of Christianity Today’s 2009 Book Award for Christianity and Culture and is senior editor at Christianity Today International. Tomorrow the speaker is Father Greg Boyle.

Besides taking over the Covenant Fine Arts Center for most of the month of January, the series hits the road with remote webcast locations in Michigan, across North America and overseas!  Check out the options in your area and read more about this year's speakers and presentations on the site, where you can also find the audio files to listen on demand.


Siblings Weekend

Does your son or daughter have a younger brother or sister (or cousin, nephew, etc.) that would love to visit him or her on campus? While guests are certainly welcome all year long, it is especially fun for young visitors to come during Siblings Weekend, February 25-27, 2011.

This annual event is sponsored by residence life, with help from student activities, food service, and the campus store.  A number of fun activities and events have been planned, and siblings can eat any and all meals as part of the $24 registration fee.

For information and registration, please visit the Siblings Weekend page and help us spread the word to anyone that may want to join in on the fun!


Check out CareerLink Spring 2001[.pdf], the latest newsletter from the career development office, for information about internships, upcoming events and other career-related news.
You can also follow the career development office and their suggestions, advice and links to job search help on Facebook. At any time, you may contact the career development office by e-mailing or calling (616) 526-6485.

Calvin College Alumni Choir

Calvin Alumni Choir

The Calvin Alumni Choir has been established to organize, promote, and sponsor a choir of the highest musical caliber, and promote an awareness of and appreciation for the Christian faith, for choral music, and for Calvin College. They have again been asked to sing at the national conference of the American Choral Directors Association---a prestigious invitation!

The next Alumni Choir performance will be their winter concert, "Timeless Canticles," on January 14, 2011, in Holland, Mich., and on campus, January 15. Please join the Calvin College Alumni Choir, under the direction of Dr. Pearl Shangkuan, for songs of saints and angels through the ages. Joyful. Powerful. Peaceful. Timeless.

If you cannot attend the concert, you may purchase their latest CD, "Sacred Space."

Glenn Bulthuis

Get to know Glenn Bulthuis!

Slightly famous alumni Glenn Bulthuis '77 will once again bring his alumni band, The Tonedeafs, back to Calvin for two shows.  They will perform at the college's downtown historic site---and intimate concert venue---the Ladies Literary Club. 

The music of James Taylor is the theme this year, but be prepared for Calvin hits such as "Calvin Girl" and "Cruisin' Down the Beltline."

Follow Glenn on Facebook or read more about him here.  You can also see the posters from his many concerts over the years.

This concert is part of UKnight Week 2011.  Find out more!

Check the Parent Calendar for important dates

Bookmark the Parent Calendar and alumni and friends event pages to keep track of important dates throughout the year, including:

Through January 25:  The January Series
January 14 & 15:  Alumni Choir concerts - purchase their latest CD, "Sacred Space"
January 25:
Interim ends 5 p.m.
January 29: Calvin Theatre Company's production of Professor Gary Schmidt's, "The Wednesday Wars".  Also February 3-5.
January 29: Calvin/Hope Satellite Game - find a location near your town!
January 31:
First day of spring semester; classes begin 8:00 a.m.

News & Stories from campus...

Read about a new book on Greek drama.