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Calvin-Parents E-Newsletter: January 4, 2011

New year, new term

Happy new year!  We wish you God's peace and presence in 2011.

The interim term between first and second semester begins Wednesday, January 5, and will see students studying a wide variety of topics right on campus or will send them traveling the world.  Find out more about Interim and some of the classes offered. 

When established, the original objective of the interim term was " provide time and opportunity in the curriculum and calendar for the student and staff to study topics which ordinarily would not be pursued in the regular semester, or to attempt a new approach to a certain topic."  How about "Arguing with Augustine"?

January Series

January Series

Peabody award-winning broadcaster Krista Tippett kicks off the January Series which begins on campus tomorrow, January 5, and runs every weekday until January 25.  The series will again hit the road with remote webcast locations in Michigan, across North America and overseas!  Check out the options in your area and read more about this year's speakers and presentations.

Siblings Weekend

Does your son or daughter have a younger brother or sister (or cousin, nephew, etc.) that would love to visit him or her on campus? While guests are certainly welcome all year long, it is especially fun for young visitors to come during Siblings Weekend, February 25-27, 2011.

This annual event is sponsored by residence life, with help from student activities, food service, and the campus store.  A number of fun activities and events have been planned, and siblings can eat any and all meals as part of the $24 registration fee.

For information and registration, please visit the Siblings Weekend page and help us spread the word to anyone that may want to join in on the fun!

science building image


Current students have been informed of the opportunity to apply for named and departmental scholarships for 2011-2012. These "named" scholarships are established by donors for students who meet specific eligibility criteria, often based on factors such as academic major, intended career goal, GPA, minority status, etc.

Students can access an online search tool to assist with this process.  The application form for many of these scholarships are all available online.  The application is due March 1, 2011.  All current students who will be attending Calvin next year are encouraged to apply! Students can access and complete the application on KnightVision: KnightVision> My Resources> Student Scholarships and Financial Aid>Upperclass Named Scholarship Application.

A number of other scholarships are awarded to students in particular academic departments. Applications for these scholarships are available from, and must be submitted to, the academic department for which the scholarship is designated. The application for most of these scholarships needs to be completed and submitted by March 1, 2011.  Contact the scholarships & financial aid office with questions.

spring break


What is the Service-Learning Center?  Their mission is to engage and equip Calvin College students, faculty, staff, community partners, alumni and other friends of the college in and for the pursuit of God’s shalom in our learning together, primarily through community-based service-learning, social justice activity and civic participation in Grand Rapids and other partner communities.

S-LC is currently organizing Spring Break trips.  Students pick from trips to service organizations in West Virginia, Louisiana, or Alabama, to name a few, or as close as Three Rivers, Michigan. They travel with student leaders, faculty or staff mentors, and other students. The trips incorporate a service component, outings to discover the community, and group reflection time. These trips are as much about learning as they are about serving.  Read about trips that students took last Spring Break

Faith resources

Watch live: Chapel - daily at 10 a.m.; LOFT - Sundays at 8 p.m.
Watch on demand: Chapel and LOFT archives - anytime.
Listen on demand: LOFT podcasts are now available on iTunes!
With these Faith resources available, won't you join the Calvin community as we worship together?  Here are chapel topics and speakers for this week:

Wednesday:  "Putting on Christ Takes Practice" with Professor Jamie (James K. A.) Smith (see more about Prof. Smith below)
Thursday:  "Attentive Music Listening as a Spiritual Practice" with Ken Heffner
Friday: "Habits of Worship" with the Worship Apprentices and Student Worship Team
The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

Events, happenings

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching are preparing to host the 24th Symposium on Worship, January 27­–29, 2011.  The symposium covers a wide range of topics: from praying and singing the Psalms to nurturing faith in children, youth and adults, and partnering with the global church. Read more about the 2011 Symposium on Worship.

Here are a few other campus and local events coming up this month that might be of interest to you, also:

January 5-25:  The January Series
January 14&15:  Alumni Choir concerts - purchase their latest CD, "Sacred Space"
January 29: Calvin Theatre Company's production of Professor Gary Schmidt's, "The Wednesday Wars".  Also February 3-5.
January 29: Calvin/Hope Satellite Game - find a location near your town!

Letters to a Young    Calvinist

New (-er) to Calvin (-ism)?

Calvin professor of philosophy and Worship Institute research fellow James K.A. Smith has written a "less grumpy," more "winsome" portrait of Calvinism.  Parents and families that are new to Calvin might find this book interesting. (Another book by Prof. Smith, "Desiring the Kingdom," was awarded a "Christianity Today" 2010 Book Award.) There are also some general Calvin College terms that might be unfamiliar.  Will this Calvin lingo guide help?

Here's more information about Calvin and what some alumni are doing:  the most recent issue of the Spark magazine for alumni and friends is available online.  The online edition includes extra links supplementing the stories and news you'll find in the magazine.  In the Winter 2010 issue you'll read more about the alumni-faculty working group tackling the economic recession, the speech pathology and audiology program offering a master's degree and links to interesting videos. 

Check the Parent Calendar for important dates

Bookmark the Parent Calendar and alumni and friends event pages to keep track of important dates throughout the year, including:

Jan. 4: On-campus housing opens 10 a.m.
Jan. 5: Tuition, room & board payment due; Interim term begins 8 a.m.
Jan. 25: Interim ends 5 p.m.
Jan. 31: First day of spring semester; classes begin 8:00 a.m.