If you're starting Calvin for interim or spring semester as a new first-year or transfer student, TRANSITIONS is for you! Interim students Orientation begins on January 5, 2016. Spring students, orientation begins on January 28, 2016. Learn about Calvin through activities and creative workshops that highlight the range of opportunities here.

Who should attend?

All new students are required to attend orientation. Family members are also encouraged to attend the compenents that have been designed for them.

More information

What to expect

Calvin's orientation programs have three objectives:

  • To introduce you to Calvin's purpose, people, and programs
  • To help ensure your smooth transition to college
  • To prepare you academically for your years at Calvin

You will be covering the information in the following three modules:

  • Reformed, Liberal Arts College - Take a closer look at what it means that Calvin is "Reformed" and "Liberal Arts."
  • Agents of Renewal - Consider the implications of what it means that God is renewing all things.
  • Doing God's Work in God's World - Our world belongs to God. To what God calling us to as we learn and as we serve?

You will take care of practical details:

  • Meet with an advisor and confirm your classes
  • Get your student ID
  • Register your vehicle
  • ...and many other details