Welcome to QUEST!

If you're starting Calvin in the fall as a new first-year or transfer student, QUEST is for you. QUEST is a three and a half day program that takes place just before school begins in the fall from September 2 - September 5, 2015. There will also be planned optional activities on September 6 and September 7.

Your family members are welcome during move-in day and for an evening cookout on the Commons lawn. Following dinner, QUEST starts and is designed just for you.

More information

2015 Theme: Coming Soon!

What to expect

The QUEST program has three specific objectives

  1. To introduce you to Calvin College through the college’s vision
  2. To connect you to a core group of other new students.
  3. To prepare you for your first semester at Calvin.

Expect a warm welcome to Calvin! At QUEST you’ll meet a lot of new people: more than 1,000 other new students and potential Facebook friends, plus current students, professors, and staff members. You’ll learn a lot about Calvin and the resources that are here for you.

During QUEST, you’ll connect with an orientation group of about 22 other students who will go through QUEST together. If you’re a first-year student, this group will also be your fall First Year Seminar class. (First Year Seminar is a one-credit class you’ll take during your first semester.)

QUEST includes a service opportunity, Streetfest, where you’ll learn about the eclectic neighborhoods in Grand Rapids—Eastown, Heritage Hill, Downtown. Expect to have a lot of fun! By the end, you may be a bit tired (the days are full from approximately 9:00am into the evening), but you’ll be ready for classes to begin on Tuesday, September 8.

Here are some more specifics you can anticipate

Participate in

  • An evening of personal reflection on the Sem. Pond
  • A "create your own adventure" night
  • Streetfest – a service-learning experience in the city

Learn about

  • Challenging, real-life college issues through a series of skits
  • Calvin’s commitment to diversity and anti-racism
  • A variety of other things—from pop culture to what it means that Calvin is "Reformed" to men’s/women’s issues at college to why we care about social justice

In the QUEST program, we’ll look at some of these aspects of Calvin’s vision

  • Reformed, Liberal Arts College - Take a closer look at what it means that Calvin is "Reformed" and “a liberal arts college”.
  • Agents of Renewal - Consider the implications of what it means that God is renewing all things.
  • Doing God’s Work in God’s World - Our world belongs to God. What is God's calling us to as we learn and as we serve?