International Orientation Assistant Application

1. I have read the job description and requirements and agree to them. Yes No

2. Student's name:

3. Student ID number:

4. Local Address:

5. Home Town, Country:

6. Email Address:

7. Class Status (current): Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman

8. T-Shirt Size: Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge

9. Have you ever been an Orientation Assistant or Leader? No Yes

10. Do you have a driver license? No Yes

11. Are you certified to drive a Calvin van? No Yes

12. Have you had any discipline history at Calvin? No Yes

If yes please explain:

By checking “I agree” to the following statement you are granting the Student Development Staff permission to verify your judicial standing and academic status. This information will be used by the Student Development selection committee only and will not be shared with any other individuals. Additionally, you are agreeing that everything on this application is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

I Agree

14. What other positions are you applying for fall of 2015:

15. What are your summer plans?


16. What do you think are the main benefits of International PASSPORT for new students?

17. In reflecting on your own International PASSPORT experience, can you think of a couple ways that it could be improved? Explain.

18. Describe two characteristics you believe an Orientation Assistant should possess and how you exemplify them.

19. Describe two or three experiences you have had that you believe will help you become an effective Orientation Assistant.

20. How has your faith been shaped/challenged at Calvin?

21. Please list below the names of two local, non-related references (e.g., professor, RD, Calvin staff, pastor, and employer) from whom you have requested references. Please do not use RAs (or other students) as references, and make an effort to obtain references from different categories as well (e.g., 1 professor, 1 RD).

Please note: Linda Bosch and Esther Kwak should not be in your references.
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Position Phone