The Sexuality Series is an ongoing program of lectures, retreats, films, book clubs and more, at Calvin that explores issues of sexuality from a Christian perspective. Launched in 2006, following the recommendations of a college task force on human sexuality and a campus climate study that revealed students’ desire for more opportunities to learn about and discuss these sensitive issues outside of class.

The series develops its own programming, collaboratively plans events with other departments and provides a schedule listing campus events related to sexuality.

Vision statement

The Sexuality Series aims to provide biblically faithful, wise and honest counsel to Calvin students in the areas of sexuality, gender and relationships so that a growing understanding of these topics may contribute to their flourishing and bring praise to God.

Sexuality Series goals

  1. To help students develop a Christian, ethical framework with which to understand God’s will for us as sexual beings—whether single, dating or married; heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered.
  2. To promote students’ safety, health and wellbeing by exploring issues of pornography, body image, abuse and assault, harassment, forgiveness, and male and female health topics.
  3. To encourage hopefulness about the potential for satisfying and sanctifying relationships in the community of faith for those single, dating and married.
  4. To encourage and increase campus awareness of the vocation to celibacy while single.
  5. To encourage the growth of respectful and responsible relationships by dating individuals.
  6. To contextualize intimate sexual relations within the marriage covenant, providing accurate information and honest reflection as many students prepare for marriage.
  7. To explore a biblical vision of marriage as a holy partnership.
  8. To promote understanding of male and female commonality and difference.
  9. To promote Christian respect for all people as image-bearers of God regardless of sexual orientation.
  10. To pursue justice in our own lives, in the church and in the world concerning issues of sexuality.


Julia Smith
Julia Smith

Director of the Sexuality Series