Grand Rapids Clean Indoor Air Ordinance & Calvin's Smoking Policy

Smoking on campus is permitted only in designated areas. These designated areas are clearly marked by appropriate signage and cigarette butt receptacles. Cleaning up the trash from cigarette butts costs the college tuition dollars, therefore, use of the receptacles is both stewardly and common courtesy. Students, staff members, and visitors are not allowed to smoke while walking on the sidewalks or other areas of campus. Enforcement of this policy is up to members of the Calvin community (all students, faculty, and staff). For the common good, please encourage one another to respect and abide by this policy.

In addition, a Grand Rapids Clean Indoor Air Ordinance requires Calvin to further comply with city regulations regarding secondhand smoke. Effective October 1, 2007, this ordinance “prohibits smoking in enclosed worksites and within 10 feet of doors, windows and ventilation systems. Violation of the Ordinance is a municipal civil infraction subject to a $50 fine” (City of Grand Rapids Letter received 28 August, 2007). You can read more about the city ordinance at

In response to the city’s communication, some designated smoking areas at Calvin have been adjusted to comply with the ordinance. These solutions may be temporary, as Student Senate and the Student Life Committee of Calvin College will have the opportunity to suggest alternative solutions in making our campus compliant with the city’s directive during the 2007-2008 school year. In the meantime, the smoking areas affected are as follows. All other smoking areas remain unchanged.

  1. The smoking area at the northeast end of the Chapel patio has been relocated to an area to the west of the loading dock on the south side of Hiemenga Hall (look for the designated receptacles). See Photo
  2. Likewise, the smoking area at the north entrance to the Library Lobby has been relocated to the patio area to the east of the loading dock on the south side of Hiemenga Hall. See Photo
  3. The smoking area at the north entrance to Johnny’s Café has been relocated to the brick wall area just east of the Campus Store. The Commons Loading Dock area is also a designated smoking area in this vicinity. See Photo
  4. The designated area to the west of the Knollcrest Dining Hall has received outdoor renovations, and this area has been combined with the Smoking Areas along the walkway toward Kalsbeek-Huizenga and the north east side of the Knollcrest Dining Hall.

We realize that these areas do not offer overhead coverage. Unfortunately, the ten-foot distance rule eliminates the formerly sheltered smoking areas.