In the Spring of 2012 the Student Life Committee updated the poster policy. As of August 6, 2012 these policies will be put into place.

General Campus Bulletin Boards

General campus bulletin boards are intended for use by student organizations and college departments for notices and posters concerning Calvin sponsored events. Departmental and permanently reserved bulletin boards (i.e., Religion, Financial Services) are not for general display.

All notices and posters from Calvin College Departments and Organizations must be approved by the Student Development office prior to posting on general campus bulletin boards.

Size, Quantity, and Identification

  • Posters may range in size with no posters larger than 11x17.
  • Poster quantities are limited to the following: 8½ X 11 - 50 posters OR 11 X 17 – 25 posters.
  • Only one poster per event will be approved.
  • Each poster must include the name of the sponsoring organization or department on each poster.

Process for Approval

  • Drop off the poster at the Student Development Office in the Commons Annex.
  • Posters will be reviewed and approved within four hours of being dropped off.
  • Determine with the staff in Student Development which general campus bulletin boards would work best to display the poster(s).
  • A date-stamp will be placed on the poster. Only one stamped poster per event will be allowed on each bulletin board. Posters will be stamped for a period of no more than 14 days.
  • No posters on campus can be adhered to glass doors, windows, or brick walls. The exception is same day or urgent announcements and/or campus emergencies (e.g., Campus Safety Alert, etc.).

Community Bulletin Boards

Posters concerning events that are not sponsored by Calvin departments or organizations can only be posted on the two “community” bulletin boards located in the entrance to Johnny’s Café and immediately outside the Campus Store.

Residence Hall Bulletin Boards

Posters concerning Residence Life events may only be on bulletin boards and brick work in residence halls and apartment lobbies only, and they need to be approved by Residence Life staff.

Departmental Bulletin Boards

College employees may post articles and announcements outside of their offices or on their office doors. These articles/announcements do not need to be stamped. Academic departments may set their own policies for bulletin boards in their departments.

Exemptions to the poster policy may be obtained in special situations from the Dean of Student Development.

Building maitainance, Faculty, and other staff members will enforce the policies regarding placement of all posters regardless of the organization of committee origin.

Approved by Student Life Committee: May 4, 2012
Effective Date: August 1, 2012