Shirley Hoogstra
Shirley Hoogstra, JD

Vice President for Student Life

Senior Leadership Team

Jeffrey Bouman
Jeffrey Bouman, PhD

Director of the Service-Learning Center

John (J.B.) Britton
John (J.B.) Britton, MEd

Associate Dean for Campus Involvement and Leadership

Dr. Laura Champion
Laura Champion, MD

Director of Health Services

William (Bill) Corner
William (Bill) Corner, MA

Director of Campus Safety

Bob Crow
Bob Crow, MA

Dean of Student Development

Christina Edmondson
Christina Edmondson, PhD

Dean of the Intercultural Student Development Center and Broene Counselor

Jane Hendriksma
Jane Hendriksma, MA

Dean of Judicial Affairs

Rev. Dr. Mary Hulst
Mary Hulst, MDiv, PhD

College Chaplain - Campus Ministries

Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Kok
Cynthia (Cindy) Kok, PhD

Director of the Broene Counseling Center

Glenn Triezenberg
Glenn Triezenberg, MBA

Director of Career Development

John Witte
John Witte, MA

Dean of Residence Life