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Please rate the following personality characteristics concerning this person.

Most students applying for an Orientation position would most likely be judged "good" in the categories. Please use "poor" rating to indicate a problem area and the "excellent" rating to indicate a person who stands out in a category.

  1. Judgment: common sense, decisive, accepts suggestions, considers alternative solutions

  2. Listening skills: grasps subtle meanings well

  3. Oral expressions: clarity, articulates position well

  4. Initiative: self-starter, independent, needs little to no supervision.

  5. Performance under pressure: prioritizes responsibilities; has ability to attend to multiple responsibilities

  6. Demeanor: warm, positive, responds to others needs

  7. Study/work habits: well-organized, uses time effectively, always prepared

  8. Industry: perseverance, endurance, hard worker

  9. Dependability: reliable, can count on him/her to follow through

  10. Leadership: gains respect by example, others look to him/her for direction

  11. Integrity: practices high principles without invoking antagonism, consistent moral standards

  12. Hospitable: warm, welcomes others well, good first impression

  13. Openness: shares feelings, seeks and accepts advice

  14. Positive personality: brings a positive attitude and energy to people and projects

  15. Integration of faith and life: seeks to understand how faith shapes life, wrestles with "big" issues, asks good questions

  16. Does this person's lifestyle reflect a Christian commitment?

  17. Do you recommend this person as someone who is capable of handling a semi-professional position and representing the goals and values of Calvin College?