The general process and procedure for academic departments that seek to port their websites over to dotCMS.

Step 1: Submit a request

Using the official web request form, submit your request for a new site. We cannot move forward without you completing this step! Once the request has been received and logged on our end, we'll get in touch with you to establish a timeline and get you started on step 2 (preparation).

Step 2: Preparation

To prepare for site work to begin, it's important for both you and web team to complete the following preparations:

What web team will prepare and deliver to you (via email)
  1. Site map - We'll create and deliver a site map of your existing site. This will show us the exact amount of pages in your current site, and will help us understand what all needs to be ported over.
  2. Google Analytics report - This will give us a sense for what people are clicking on in your current site, and will help us understand the goals for your new site.
  3. Basic framework in dotCMS - Before we've even met with you, web team will set up some of the foundational pages and content for your website — things we consider to be "must-haves" for every department. That means we'll be able to hit the ground running once the more complete site plan is ready to go.
What we'll need you to do
  1. Review site map and analytics - This doesn't need to be a major undertaking; simply look over these documents and try to get a basic sense for them. We can talk them over more, when we meet face-to-face.
  2. Complete and email your site prep worksheet - This worksheet will cover a few of the foundational ideas that go into creating a new site, and will also allow you to start speaking into the process. See the worksheet for more details.
Step 3: Let's meet

Step 4: Implementation

Step 5: Training & maintenance