PLEASE NOTE: Calvin’s branding project is well underway and a new nameplate and logo will be available very soon. If possible, please wait to reorder letterhead, envelopes and business cards until the new visual identity is released (ETA is late June). If you need something ASAP, please order only what you will need during May–July. ×

Standard Calvin Stationery

Use the updated Calvin mindwire store for ordering standard Calvin business cards, letterhead and #10 envelopes. Note: this is not a Calvin College website, it is a service hosted by an off-campus service provider.

See the Calvin mindwire guide for instructions on using the site.

Some less-common Calvin envelopes (i.e. 9" x 12" or 6" x 9") may be ordered through the Campus Store. The Campus Store also carries some generic Calvin notecards that are available for purchase in small quantities.


Calvin mindwire store front homepage