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The Mentoring Program welcomes mentors from both the Calvin and Grand Rapids community to participate in the lives of Calvin students. As a mentor, you will commit to meeting with your mentee approximately six times each semester. It will be up to your mentee to arrange your meetings. Our office provides mentoring resources, including training sessions, coffee coupons and on-campus event tickets to enrich your relationship.

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How to Be a Mentor

Fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a mentor. We'll use this information to pair you with a student and contact you when we have a potential mentee for you.
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What interests you about becoming a mentor to a Calvin student?  What do you hope to give and to gain from the relationship?

What past experience(s) do you have that would be helpful to you in being a mentor?

Describe your personality including some of your strengths. 

What qualities would you be looking for in a potential mentee?

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Scholarship Information

The Mentoring Scholarship offers an incentive to begin or continue a mentoring relationship and make time for this relationship a priority.

The scholarship application process happens each spring for the coming academic year.