Simon Boenaidi

Graduation year: 2017
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Major: General Music
Simon had been passionate to explore how rock music could fulfill his life, but since he’s known Christ, he realizes that Jesus is calling him to follow Him. Now, he has become more passionate to explore how Christ is fulfilling and renewing his faith and others through music in the ministry of the Word. In his leisure time, he loves having good and deep conversations with people, jamming to the Blues, cooking and trying good food, and also travelling (if he can afford it). He’s excited to use and try to multiply the talents that God has given him for His glory in the Worship Apprenticeship program, and also to try to empty himself to continue learning about worship leading in the context of cultural diversity at Calvin, biblically.


Rachael Hoekwater

Graduation year: 2018
Hometown: Hudsonville, Michigan
Major: Vocal Music Education
Rachael’s love for music began in 2nd grade when she began piano lessons. Since then she has greatly enjoyed singing in choir, playing the viola in orchestra, participating in praise teams, and doing some musical theater. She also enjoys coffee dates, evening runs, camping with family, watermelon, and baking. She is so excited to be a part of the Worship Apprentice Program and learn more about how to lead God's people in worship.


Jiyong Kim

Graduation year: 2017
Hometown: Gyung-Gi Do, South Korea
Major: Religion
Jiyong has a passion for worship, discipleship training, building community, and mission. Jiyong has been part of church and few other conference worship teams and also was involved in Youth With A Mission for mission training. Planning to be a pastor, he hopes to go out into the world as a missionary who keeps moving around the whole world, training and worshipping with people, and sharing the good news and love of God.


Erin Koster

Graduation year: 2016
Hometown: Holland, Michigan
Major: Writing and Greek
Erin has been involved in the church for as long as she can remember and has served on Calvin's worship teams since her first year at college. She looks forward to living, learning, and working with the other Worship Apprentices over the next year. When not in class, Erin can often be found reading, writing, playing puzzle games, playing the piano, or trying to teach herself something new.


Mae Post

Graduation year: 2018
Hometown: Midland Park, New Jersey
Major: English Writing & Christian Ministry Leadership
Kathryn Mae has loved leading worship in churches and schools over the years, and especially loves using her voice to lead others in song. She also enjoys working with children, and one of her fondest memories is when she directed a church children's choir. In her free time, she loves running, songwriting, reading, acting, and being goofy with her friends. Kathryn Mae is thrilled to be a Worship Apprentice for the 2015-2016 school year, and cannot wait to see how God uses her passion for worship to bring glory to Him!


Brennan Steenhoek

Graduation year: 2018
Hometown: Gun Lake, Michigan
Major: Engineering
Brennan has been very involved in music for most of his life, although participating in worship through music has been fairly recent; in the past five years, Brennan has been able to participate in area worship teams, and grow as a player of bass guitar and acoustic guitar. Other than his musical interests, he loves to get outside and go for a run here and there, hang out with friends, or play a good round of Super Smash Bros. (or 3)! He is super excited for this unique opportunity to help Calvin’s campus worship, and equally as enthusiastic about the spiritual and relational growth this next year will bring.


Andrew Twining

Graduation year: 2017
Hometown: Stockbridge, Michigan
Major: Electrical Engineering
Music has always been one of Andrew’s passions since he was a kid. Whether playing worship or singing Motown songs with his mom, he always looks for opportunities to get musically involved. As a child, Andrew took lessons for piano, guitar, and bass guitar. Then, he quit them all, only to pick all three up again on his own. Andrew began leading worship at his home church at the age of 16. He is extremely excited to learn how to do corporate worship better this year and to understand what it means to be a leader in a worship context. When not playing music, Andrew likes conversing with friends, listening to albums, and watching good movies.


Kendra Walters

Graduation year: 2018
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Major: Music Education
Kendra has been playing the piano and singing on worship teams at her church and school since she was in sixth grade and loves leading people in worship. Kendra enjoys reading books (feel free to quiz her on any Harry Potter trivia), traveling with her family, camping in the summers, and eating any kind of ice cream. But above all, music has always been a passion of hers and she hopes to use that gift to teach high school choir and maybe lead worship at her church on the side. She is so incredibly excited for this year to get to know new people, continue to develop her gifts, and serve her Lord and Savior.