How do I request a space?

Once you have logged on to the Online Reservation System you can either click on the desired time and space on the space grid which will then bring you to the Event Request Form, or you can click the Make A Room Request link on the bottom left which will also bring you to the Event Request Form. Once logged in, you can always click the View Room Usage link at the bottom of the page to return to the space grid.

When I submit my Event Request Form, who gets it and how do I know when my event has been confirmed?

Your event request will go directly to Event Services. They will review your request and its specifications and get back to you within the next two business days with a confirmation, to discuss specifics, or to let you know whether your request needs altering in any way. A space is not officially reserved until you receive a confirmation from us.

If the space grid shows that the space I'm interested in isn't being used can I just use it without reserving it?

No, facilities may be used only when reserved in advance through Event Services. There may be times when a space appears to be open on the system, however the space is not available for use for various reasons. For example, there may already be a complex set-up happening in the room, something that is already set up cannot be torn down at the moment, the set-up or technical requirements you need are not something Event Services can support on such short notice, events are not scheduled on Sunday's, etc. It is always best policy to reserve a space in advance.

The space I would like to reserve appears open on the space grid so why can't my reservation happen in that space?

There may be times when a space appears to be open in the system, however the space is not available for various reasons (please see answer to previous question). Event Services will always discuss alternative options with you if this is the case.

Why can't I see what events are taking place in the spaces I would like to reserve?

The space grid allows you to see whether or not a space is available, but not the names of the actual events taking place. Due to privacy concerns, space reservations are not labeled. Any reservations that are meant to be known to the public should appear on the College Calendar. There is a link to the calendar on the top right corner of the system.

How do I get my event on the College Calendar?

On the Event Request Form there is a box under Resources that you can check if you'd like your event to appear on the College Calendar. Only events that meet the criteria for inclusion on the calendar are listed. See the Calendar Guidelines for more information about the events that are eligible for inclusion on the College Calendar.

What are the College Web Calendar Details for?

If you choose to put your event on the College Calendar your event request must be accompanied by a website for your event and/or a description about the event with a contact person and phone number listed. This information will appear with your event on the calendar and will help interested parties get more information on your event and know who to call with questions.

I checked the College Calendar box on the Event Request Form, so why isn't my event showing up on the calendar?

If you've checked the box, included a website and/or event description, and your event has been confirmed it's probably just that the calendar page hasn't automatically refreshed since Event Services put your reservation in the system. Give it another day and if it's still not there check with Event Services to make sure they assigned your event to the calendar or if there's some reason it cannot be assigned.

How come I can't choose an Event Type or Sponsoring Organization on the Event Request Form?

These fields are not currently active in the reservation system and they are not necessary. Please skip past them.

What if I'm not sure what the expected head count for my event will be?

Just leave that box blank. This is not a necessary item for your reservation, however if you do have an idea of the head count it will help Event Services find the best room possible for your event.

What are the Resources check boxes for?

This is where you let Event Services know if you will need any technology from the Audio Visual Department, if you will need any food from Catering, if you'd like your event to appear on the College Calendar and if you'd like the space setup in any specific way. If you check any of these boxes you can list details in the Comments box. Also, if you check any of these boxes your Event Coordinator from Event Services will be sure to contact you to follow up on specifics.

I have another question that hasn't been answered here. Who do I ask?

Please email your question to: or call Event Services at 616-526-6280.