Who do I contact if I have questions about an event?

When you click on an event, a pop-up window displays details about the event. The popup includes either a Web address for more information about that event or a description of the event with contact information. Please contact the event contact person with specific questions about an event.

Is every on-campus event listed on the calendar?

No — not every event gets listed. Only events that meet the calendar's criteria for inclusion are listed. See the College Calendar Guidelines for more information about what events are eligible.

How do I get my event listed on the calendar?

When making your reservation through Event Services, please specify that you would like to be listed on the "College Web Calendar" when making the reservation.

If your event is already booked, or is an eligible off-campus event, contact Event Services to get your event listed on the College Calendar.

I can't view the calendar; I just get a blank screen. Why?

The College Calendar requires that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. Enable Javascript and you will be able to view the calendar.