The College Calendar is a resource to provide complete, accurate, and timely information about Calvin events for the campus community and the general public.

Included Items

  • Academic calendar items

  • Major calendar holidays

  • Events which meet the following criteria

    • Events must be sponsored or co-sponsored by a Calvin department or organization. This includes off-campus events.
    • Events must be open to the local Calvin community.

Generally Excluded Items

  • Facility rentals not sponsored by a Calvin organization or department. However, public events of interest to the local Calvin community may be included on the campus calendar.

  • Alumni chapter events occurring outside West Michigan will not be included on the calendar. These events are listed on the Alumni Association Event Calendar.

  • Residence Life events for specific living communities (i.e. one residence hall) are excluded. However, community-wide Residence Life events may be included.

  • Hours during which campus facilities are open to the public will be available as a link from the calendar but will not be listed on the College Calendar.

Posting Guidelines

  • The Office of Conferences and Campus Events (OCCE) manages calendar postings as well as all campus reservations. Contact OCCE by phone at 616-526-6280 to request a reservation or calendar posting.

  • Not all reservations scheduled through OCCE will appear on the College Calendar; only items meeting the above criteria are eligible for posting on the calendar.

  • Reservations must include:

    1. The event's name and description
    2. Date(s)
    3. Start and end times
    4. Location
    5. Sponsor's contact information
  • Event descriptions may be either a brief text description or a link to a Web page with more information.

  • Events must be in accordance with relevant college policies and established procedures. Student groups submitting event information must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook.

Responsibility and Oversight

  • The Office of Conferences and Campus Events (OCCE), with guidance from the divisions of Student Life and Enrollment and External Programs, reserves the right to delete and/or edit calendar postings which do not meet the above-mentioned criteria, or which violate college regulations or local, state or federal law.

  • Concerns regarding any item appearing or not appearing on the College Calendar should be communicated to the event sponsor. Unresolved concerns may be expressed to the OCCE director.

  • If an event sponsor disagrees with any decision made regarding his or her calendar posting, a formal appeal may be submitted to the OCCE director for review in consultation with the Student Life and Enrollment and External Programs divisions.