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GOP Debate - Live Coverage
January 10, 2000, Fine Arts Center

The transcript of the debate is available as well as the RealAudio archive (Need a free Real Audio Player?).

See a list of Press Coverage resulting from the event.

Behind the Scenes Photos (all photos available)

By lunchtime, the Commons dining hall is fully converted into a Media Center, including a press conference stage, reception area, 100 phones, and internet access center. Over 200 media outlets are expected to have some representation at this event. Most of them will spend their time here writing and researching their stories.


The FAC parking lot has also become home to a dozen satellite trucks supplying worldwide coverage. TV crews are set up around campus catching quotes, staging interviews, and performing live hourly reports.


By 5pm, the Media Center has heated up with activity. Calvin staff along with donated services from Lucent Technologies and Ikon Office Systems have provided the telephones, computers, video and audio systems.


Shortly before the debate, reporters prepare their stories, Betsy De Vos speaks with the press, Nate Vandenbroek meets George W. Bush, and the satellite trucks beam into the night sky..

Nate Vandenbroek meets George W. Bush


The debate begins with an introduction from Calvin College President Gaylen Byker and GOP representative Betsy DeVos. NBC's Tim Russert, moderator for the debate, promises the crowd that if they behave, he will announce the winner of the Calvin-Hope game on Sunday's Meet The Press. Local NBC talent Suzanne Geha and Rick Albin serve as the local panel.

Tim Russert of NBC's Meet the Press

Gaylen Byker


Durinhg the deabte, students watch in the Lab Theatre and anywhere else they can find a TV. A large veiwing screen in the Media Center allows the journalists to follow the action without leaving their laptops.


After the debate, the media spinning begins in earnest. Several candidates and Governor Engler come to the Media Center press conference stage, while others make comments from the FAC. Reporters are crammed into every corner trying to get quotes and write their stories.

George W. Bush

Tim Russert of NBC's Meet the Press

Michigan's Governor Engler

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