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Can I Kiss You?
March 20, 2006

Mike Domitrz likes to pose provocative questions to his college audiences.

Do you ask before you kiss? Will it ruin the moment? Will you feel like an idiot?

On March 30 he will bring such queries, and more, to students at Calvin College in a talk sponsored by the school's Sexual Assault Prevention team.

The title of his address is simply: "Can I Kiss You?" It will be held at 8 pm in the Chapel at Calvin.

Calvin counselor Anamarie Joosse says that the timing for the talk is good as March is Women's History Month and April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

"Mike is highly sought after to present his programs during April," she says. "We think his talk will be an important way for us to conclude Women's History Month and look ahead to Sexual Assault Awareness month."

Domitrz (pronounced Damish) says that with all the recent media attention on sexual assault cases involving high profile celebrities, asking isn't just about having more fun.

"The greatest reward of asking," he says, "is that you are giving your partner the opportunity to say whether he or she wants to do what you want. You are giving your partner complete respect. Asking protects both of you from being involved in an uncomfortable situation or even a sexual assault."

Domitrz is known for an interactive, humorous and hard-hitting approach with audiences.

Inspired by his sister after she survived being sexually assaulted, Domitrz has traveled the country for over a decade sharing with people of all lifestyles and backgrounds. He has presented to professional athletes and is often utilized as a media expert for TV and radio shows.

Says Joosse: "We know that students are eager to learn more about male-female relationships and we appreciate Mike's emphasis on respect. Our students will be in for an interesting evening."