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  In Memory of Steve Lambers

Walt Werkhoven ~ Knew Steve as a former colleague of his wife

Walt's Memory ~ I remember him as such a nice man. He was very nice to my wife when she was just starting as a teacher. I continued to see him as he went to Calvin. When I came into town, I'd go to the Library to say hello. I praise God for his memory.

Karen Van Dommelen Obits ~ Knew Steve when she was a student employee in Calvin's library

Karen's Memory ~ Though I can't recall a specific incident from my years as a student employee in Calvin's library that might illustrate best the Steve I knew in that capacity, my heart readily recalls the appreciation and respect I felt for him. In particular, my fond memories of my full-time summer employment there are in no small part thanks to Steve's gracious spirit.

Phil de Haan ~ Knew Steve as a colleague.

Phil's Memory ~ Steve was a guy I worked with on a couple of projects and he a genuine and generous person. He had a smile on his face and a spring in his step. He will be missed.

Marian Van Laar Lambers ~ Knew Steve as her father-in-law.

Marians's Memory ~ Specific memories are too numerous to sort out at this time -- so many warm and funny stories will flood our minds for months and years to come. As a father and grandfather, he was as good as they get. The Lambers family appreciates and is comforted by the expressions that are being shared. The Communities in which Dad moved -- Calvin College, Oakdale Park, his neighborhood -- all have lifted us up at this difficult time.

Tony Vroon ~ Knew Steve as Librarian and as father to his friend Ben.

Tony's Memory ~ I am so sorry to hear of your loss...your dad was a great guy who ALWAYS helped me and others. He was never too busy to help you with even the dumbest questions. I also remember him being there at some of our tennis matches in high school. I pray that God grants you all the same peace he has to my family in the recent death of our father...praise God that they are both in heaven as we speak, and that in time we will ALL be re-united with them. Wht a grand affair that will be! I look forward to them introducing us to our King! Again, my condolences to you on your loss, especially so close to the holiday season.

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