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Sept 19, 2001

Calvin Enrollment is 4,267

NOTE: Read the conmplete Day 10 Report from Tom VanEck

Calvin College has a 2001-2002 enrollment of 4,267 students, a number that includes 4,014 full-time students and 253 part-time students. Last year's total enrollment was 4,314 students.

A closer look at the 2001-02 enrollment figures includes some interesting trends. Calvin's international student body grew significantly from a year ago. There are 182 international students at Calvin this year, 4.3% of the student body, representing almost 40 countries around the world. That number is up 20% from 152 international students last year.

That number does not include 202 Canadian students or 4.7% of the student body, meaning 9% of the student body is from outside the U.S. Within the U.S. there are 2,319 students from Michigan or 54.3%.

The class of 2005, this year's freshmen class, numbers 1,031 students. In addition 34.2% of the first-year class has either one or both parents who are alumni of Calvin. Last year's first-year class had good retention with 86.2% returning to Calvin for their sophomore year.

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