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October 20, 2000

Calvin's Student Body: Inside the Numbers

The 2000-2001 enrollment at Calvin College is 4,314 students, the highest in a decade. But, inside that number, are a variety of fascinating facts and figures. Tom VanEck (left), is director of enrollment research at Calvin College. And his "Day 10" report is a numbers-crunching delight.

For example, Calvin's 4,314 students include 229 Canadians who represent six provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Quebec). Ontario is the heaviest represented province with 188 students.

Calvin also has 110 international students who represent 36 different countries, everything from Australia to Zambia. Nigeria (16), Ghana (15) and Hong Kong (10) top the charts, while 18 countries have just one student each at Calvin.

Calvin's 3,975 U.S. students represent 46 states. That includes 2,344 from the state of Michigan. Great Lakes states Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin add another 696 students with Illinois (358) contributing the lion's share. California, with 145 students at Calvin, is third only to Michigan and Illinois among U.S. states represented at Calvin. Calvin's U.S. students include 187 ethnic minority students.

The Christian Reformed Church is represented by 2,216 Calvin students, while 2,098 represent other denominations with undenominational (343), Baptist (269) and Reformed (159) leading the way. Finally, there are 2,406 female students at Calvin and 1,908 male students.

The faculty numbers 349 in 2000-2001 with 284 full-time and 65 part-time. There are 200 men and 84 women among the full-time faculty. There are 15 ethnic minority faculty members. And 233 of the 284 full-timers have the terminal degree in their field. The student-faculty ratio is 15.8 to 1.

Calvin's 2000-2001 tuition is $14,040 (vs the national average for four-year privates of $16,332), while its room and board is $4,890 (vs a national average of $6,209) giving Calvin a total cost of $18,930 or 16 percent less than the national average of $22,541.

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