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Teaching Virtues and Vices

China Values and Virtues

The 2012 Workshop: Program Completed

A four-week faculty development seminar for mainland Chinese professors: June 25-July 20, 2012. The seminar is restricted to professors and graduate students seminarwho agree to add a course on virtue ethics to their curriculum (or to improve an existing course). The program will cover all travel and seminar expenses, and providebooks for all participants.

Course Description

The main focus of this seminar will be to help Chinese professors develop courses on virtue ethics.The seminar will also help participants gain a deeper understanding of some basic historical and philosophical issues in the virtue ethics tradition.  We will begin with a historical overview of some of the virtue ethics tradition in the west and then alternate between discussions of key philosophical issues and pedagogical discussions.  Particular attention will be given to points of contact between virtue ethics and other issues in philosophy and cognate disciplines (e.g., psychology and theology). At the end of the seminar, each participant will be expected to have developed a syllabus that would be suitable for a virtue ethics course in China. Instruction will be in English..

Course Topics:

The topics to be covered fall into two major categories: virtue theory in general, and specific virtues with their corresponding vices. Both categories will be approached with an eye toward their historical development. The following is a preliminary list of anticipated topics:

General topics in virtue theory:

  1. different approaches to the nature of the virtues
  2. human nature
  3. historical development of virtue theory
  4. recent challenges to virtue theory

Specific topics on the virtues:

  1. the cardinal virtues
  2. the capital vices and their corresponding virtues
  3. epistemic virtues



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Date & Location

Program Complete

June 25-July 20, 2012

Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI USA

Application Deadline

January 23, 2012

How to Apply

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