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Science, Philosophy, and Belief

Visiting U.S. Professor Program

Kelly James ClarkThis program offers undergraduate, postgraduate and junior faculty development programs. One or two US/British professors will travel to host Chinese universities to teach intensive seminars or mini-courses. These seminars could last one or two weeks. Some seminars could be team-taught by Philosophers and/or Scientists/Historians of Science.


The Faculty

We have invited prestigious philosophers/historians/scientists at the following universities about their interest in participating: Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Notre Dame, Yale, Pennsylvania, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT; we are also in contact with excellent scholars/teachers at lesser known colleges and universities. We believe that we can offer professors that have a great deal of prestige as well as offer excellent teachers for your professors and students.

Program Options

  1. Summer Seminars in Beijing and Shanghai. We plan to hold two two-week seminars in Beijing and Shanghai each of the next three summers. These seminars would be open to faculty and selected students from all area universities. These intensive seminars would meet for 2 ½ hours each morning and 2 hours each afternoon. A common set of readings would focus the topics. Books will be provides for all participants. We are also willing to arrange  summer seminars in other, major metropolitan areas outside of the Beijing or Shanghai areas. The 2007 summer seminars will be held at Tsinghua and Fudan Universities.

  2. Mini-courses/seminars during the semester. It is also possible to schedule a mini-course at another time if that would be more convenient for your university’s students and faculty. And we could send a professor to teach a mini-course or augment an existing course for your students. A mini-course during the semester would meet 2 1/2 – 3 hours per day for five days; in addition, the visiting professors could offer more general public lectures. US professors are likely to be available during their fall (usually in October) and spring breaks (usually in March), as well as at the end of their spring semesters (May and June).

  3. Semester courses. We may be able to identify philosophers who are interested in teaching semester-long courses.

The financial details

We would pay the US/British professors ' travel expenses. We would also pay each host university $2,000 per US/British faculty member; if there is a two-person team, host universities would get $4,000. We are asking each host university to use that to cover room and board for the US/British professors, and lunch for all seminar participants. We'd also like local professors or students to take the visiting professors sightseeing/shopping. Any leftover funds can be used at your discretion. We will also be bringing books to add to your university’s library.


If you are interested in offering a seminar or mini-course, please send an email message to with your preferred options (1-3 above) and preferred dates. We will send you a list of available professors, topics, and their available dates.


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