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About the Director

China Values and Virtues

Christina Van Dyke, Ph.D.

Dr. Christina Van Dyke
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Executive Director for the Society of Christian Philosophers
Director of Values and Virtues Program

Christina Van Dyke (Ph.D., Cornell University), is an Associate Professor at Caldirector in romevin College, specializing in Medieval Philosophy (emphasis on metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology), Philosophy of Gender, and Philosophy of Religion. She first participated in the Society of Christian Philosophers (SCP) China Outreach Program in 2006 and has since taught two weeklong courses in China: “Knowledge, Science and Religion in the Middle Ages” at Sun Yat-Sen University in 2009 and “Living the Good Life: Aristotle, Aquinas and Virtue Ethics” at Wuhan University in 2010. In addition to presenting papers at Hong Kong Baptist University and the University of Hong Kong in 2005, the Medieval Philosophy Symposium (Peking University, 2006), the “Evolution and Ethics Conference” (Peking University, 2010), and at Peking University (June 2012), Christina has worked closely with the visiting scholars program at Calvin and mentored visiting Chinese students. She co-directed (with Kevin Timpe) the 2012 Summer Seminar “Teaching Virtue” and served as co-director (with Linda Zagzebski) at the “Creating Character” Values and Virtues January Seminar (Rome, 2012). She co-authored Aquinas’s Ethics: Metaphysical Foundations and Theological Context (with Rebecca DeYoung and Colleen McCluskey) and co-edited The Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy (with Robert Pasnau), as well as publishing articles in the intersection of gender studies and Christianity. Christina also serves on the SCP China Outreach Committee and the China Advisory Committee for the Values and Virtues program.

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Christina Van Dyke
Philosophy Department
Calvin College


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Values & Virtues

The Nagel Institute at Calvin College and The Society of Christian Philosophers (SCP) announce a major, three-year initiative for Chinese scholars to reflect on the relationship between values and virtues. This initiative, which receives major support from the John Templeton Foundation, will include a variety of projects for Chinese scholars to reflect on the relationship between values and virtues.