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Be patient, as the study is very hard in the beginning. Listen carefully, both the views that you like and the views that you don't like. You will learn that doing philosophy is not just remembering who said what; rather it is an activity that requires you to personally engage.
--Liang Hao, Calvin College 2008/09



It may be beneficial for new students to join a seminar in China, taught by a western philosophy professor, before they come to the States.
Secondly, after a short time, ask some students to be your study partner. They will give some advice for paper writing, presentations, and so on.
--Yu Guofei, Notre Dame 2007/08



Work closely with the professors if you plan to go to graduate school in the States. Be involved in class discussion as much as you can. Don't be shy, push yourself to raise questions and argue with your professors and fellows. Last, improving you English skills should be an ongoing project.
--Ru Ye, Hope College 2008/09



Be willing to reflect your own perception of life and academics. Be willing to undertake some hardships in order to transform yourself.
--Yuna Wei, Hope College 2009/10




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Try to be open to the new experiences and new culture. Join in some activities and communications with all the students and professors at your university or college.
--Zhang Yanliang 2007/08



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It snows a lot in Michigan. Learn how to swim because there isn't much outdoor exercise, unless you like to cross-country ski.  Calvin College has a very nice swimming pool, and it is free!    
-- Li Yong, Calvin College 2008/09