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China Values and Virtues

January Seminars: Program Completed

January seminars are in European locations on specific topics. The purpose of these two-week seminars is to acquaint Chinese scholars with the best recent work in values and virtues and to equip them to write a high-quality, publishable paper on the seminar topic. Each participant must agree to complete a paper on the topic and to submit thresized delphieir paper to the follow-up conference in October on the seminar theme; in addition, we expect revision of the paper, in light of comments, for possible publication. Participation includes 8-12 Chinese professors and 4-6 Chinese students: participation is by invitation only. We cover transportation (up to $1,000 USD), room and board, and collection of books for each participant.


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Rome, Italy

Virtues and Vices

January 9-19, 2012

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This seminar is generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation.