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Spring 2016


Nagel Institute staff enjoyed hosting two engaging and productive African scholars in our Prophet’s Chamber program. Please click on each link for an audio recording of each lecture. 

Edison lectureReverend Dr. Edison Kalengyo of Uganda Christian University gave a preview of his new book, “Celebrating the Lord’s Supper in Africa: Overcoming Current Challenges.” In the life of the Christian church, the Lord’s Supper remains the central ritual. But rules and regulations governing the Lord’s Supper have divided the Church in Africa into two groups: the eucharistically privileged few and the majority who remain largely absent from the Lord’s Table. Prof. Kalengyo’s book aims at finding ways to re-establish the Lord’s Supper to its proper role in church life in Africa.



Dr. Bernard Boyo of Daystar University in Kenya gave a talk on his emerging book, “Politics in Africa: A Theological Reflection.” He traced African Christian political engagement from its pre-colonial roots to the present, and asked why the church in Africa experiences so many difficulties in developing a clearly defined political theology and then point out what he believes are the components of strong public theology for Africa.







Marj Terpstra and Nalova Westbrook, and students from May 2014 Interim

“Zambian Education Developments” IMG_2767

Nagel Fellowship Presentation




Thinking South & East

  • Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff shared insights from his 2013 book, Journey toward Justice: Personal Encounters in the Global South.
  • Literary scholar Susan VanZanten recounted how her focus shifted from American to African literature as told in her 2013 publication, Reading a Different Story.
  • Historian Mark Noll revealed how he discovered the global Christian story, featured in his new book, just out, From Every Tribe and Nation.

All three books are part of the “Turning South” series, published through Baker Academic, and we want to hear from the authors about how they came to “reorient” their personal and scholarly commitments. Cosponsors: Baker Publishing Group, and the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarshp.

Nagel and CCCS - Turning South & East from Calvin College on Vimeo.




The Nepali Church: Gospel Culture at the End of the World

One of the most popular images of Nepal is as the home of the Himalayan Mountains, a remote, exotic place, at “the end of the world.”  What many do not know is that Nepal is one of the places where Christianity is growing rapidly, to a great extent because of missionaries from India! 

Manoj Shrestha, a Ph.D. candidate at Princeton Theological Seminary, and the former principal of Nepal Ebenezer Bible College, will address how the gospel has reached Nepal, and speak to the growth and challenges of the Nepali Church.

Cosponsored with Congregational and Ministry Studies

mp3Manoj Shrestha Nagel Lecture



Contextual Hermenuetics: When Korean Christians Read the Bible

  • How has the Bible been used to address the political realities of suffering and humiliation of Korean people?
  • In what ways have Koreans negotiated the authority of the Bible in context of plural sacred texts?
  • Are there features in Korean interpretations of the Bible that bear the influences of Korean culture and religiosity?

Cosponsors: Asian Studies, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Religion Department

mp3 Won Lee Nagel Lecture



The Emerging Urban Church in China

As China continues rapid urbanization, the growth of the church in cities is a noteworthy social phenomenon and currently the best starting point for understanding contemporary Christianity in China.


Cosponsors: Asian Studies, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Religion Department


mp3Ezra Jin Lecture




2010 Lectures

Mission to the World: Changing Perspectives in American Protestantism 1910-2010

Brian Stanley is professor of World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh and director of the University’s Centre for the Study of World Christianity. He has written or edited six books, including most recently The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910. He is the joint general editor of the Eerdmans series, Studies in the History of Christian Missions. 
Brian 2
Dr. Stanley will discuss to what extent speakers and delegates at the World Missionary Conference held in Edinburgh transcended the limitations of an imperial age and began to glimpse some of the directions that world Christianity would take over the ensuing century.

Sponsored by the Nagel Institute, History Department, and Religion Department. Listen to the lecture.mp3


2009 Lectures


Levi Obonyo, Mitchell Terpstra,
and Mark Fackler

"Should Media Bend Public Debate toward Peace? A Case Study in Kenya's
Post-Election Violence, 2007-2008"

November 16, 2009 3:30 pm
Alumni Association Board Room
Listen to the lecture mp3

Ben Quarshie

"Shaping the Future of Christianity:
A Collective Responsibility"

October 29, 2009 3:30 pm
Meeter Center Lecture Hall
Listen to the lecture mp3

Mark Noll

God and Race in American Politics
September 17, 2009 
Listen to the lecture mp3

World Christianity, American Christianity & the Future
September 18, 2009
Listen to the lecture mp3


Nagel Fellowship Presentations

About the lectures: Dianne Slager, a professor of nursing at Calvin College spoke about her work and research in East Africa. The title of her talk was "African Independent Church Leaders' Knowledge and Attitudes about HIV"

Mariano Avila, professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary,presented his research on Latin American worship practices in a short talk entitled "Preliminary Approaches to Spiritual Warfare in Worship Practices in Latin America."

Listen to the lectures mp3


2008 Lectures


African Christian Initiatives: Some Lessons for the West

Cephas Omenyo

Cephas OmenyoCephas Omenyo is currently the John A. Mackay Professor of World Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary. He also teaches at the University of Ghana, Legon. He has published, among others, Pentecost Outside Pentecostalism: A Study of the Development of Charismatic Renewal in the Mainline Church in Ghana (Zoetermeer, 2002).

Listen to the lecture mp3
(note: file size is 23MB)

Cosponsored by: Byker Chair in Christian Perspectives on Economic, Social, and Political Thought; African and African Diaspora Studies; the department of Sociology and Social Work; and the Nagel Institute

God, Israel, and the Future of the Nations
in Biblical Perspective

Rev Dr Chris WrightSpeaker: The Rev. Dr. Chris Wright
Bio »

About the lecture:
The Bible challenges us with a robust affirmation that God is sovereign over the stories of all nations in history. But it also focuses on God's purpose for biblical Israel in particular. How are we to connect these two great themes? And what do they tell us about God's mission and our part in it?

Listen to the lecture np3
(note: file size is 40MB)

Cosponsored Lectures

The Inaugural Lectures of the Korean Lectureship

Speaker: Dr. Stephan LintonStephan Linton
What Should Christians Do about North Korea?

Listen to the lecture mp3
(note: file size is 41MB)

Why Should Koreans Care about North Korea?

Listen to the lecture mp3
(note: file size is 44MB)

Nagel Lecture

Jehu J. HancilesDon't Be Refugees, Be Missionaries!
African Immigrants & the New Missionary Encounter with American Society

Speaker: Dr. Jehu J. Hanciles

Dr. Jehu J. Hanciles is the associate professor of mission history and globalization at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA.

Listen to the lecture mp3
(note: file size is 36MB)


2007 Lectures


Tibebe EsheteMarxism & Religion: the Paradox of Church Growth in Ethiopia

Speaker: Tibebe Eshete
Assistant Professor of History, Calvin College

This lecture will discuss church and state encounters during the period of the Ethiopian Revolution, 1974-1990. Eshete will provide documentary information regarding the persecutions of the evangelical church and how the church both survived and thrived in the midst of a daunting challenge through its clandestine existence and operations.

Listen to the lecture mp3
(note: file size is 26MB)

Sponsored by the Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity and the Department of History, Calvin College


Primal Religions as the Substructure of Christianity

July 2007

Kwame BediakoKwame Bediako

The Emergence of World Christianity and the Remaking of Theology

Transcript pdfmp3

Gillian BediakoGillian Mary Bediako

'All believers are primalists underneath.' Towards a New Appreciation of Old Testament Religion as Primal Religion

Transcript pdfmp3
Press Release


Dave Livermore, Ph.D., March 8, 2007

David Livermore"Looking In Before Reaching Out" listen

Dave Livermore, Ph.D., Director of Global Learning Center at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and Author of Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short-Term Missions with Cultural Intelligence (Baker Books, 2006), spoke at Calvin College about using cultural Intelligence (CQ) to improve short-term missions and service learning effectiveness.

Calvin News & Media Coverage of the Lecture

Dr. Mariano Avila Lecture at Calvin College, March 12, 2007

Mariano Avila"The Political Role of Evangelicals in Mexican Democracy from 1991 to the recent Presidential Elections of 2006: Lessons and scenarios." listen

Dr. Mariano Avila holds a Ph.D. Political Science and is a Professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary.

This lecture addresses Mexican Evangelicals'

  • Role in Mexican political history
  • Participation in recent Mexican presidential elections
  • Future role in Mexican public affairs

Cosponsored with Calvin Theological Seminary

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