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Charis Bio - Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani


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Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani is one of a number of Indonesian Christian women artists living in Bali. Her artworks have appeared in the book Christ for All People, Image Magazine—Christ and Art in Asia, published by Asian Christian Art Association (ACAA) and in the book Many Faces of Christian Art in Indonesia published by the Communion of Churches in Indonesia. Many of her artworks speak about the deepest suffering of Jesus prior to his crucifixion. Sri Wardani completed her study in art in the Fine Art Department in Bandung Institute of Technology in 1993. With her husband Erland Sibuea, she now serves as TheNavigators’ staff in Bali. Together with senior Christian artists in Bali including Ketut Lasia and Nyoman Darsane they established the Bali Christian Art Association (BCAA) in Denpasar on January 19, 2003 at which time she was appointed chair.  The mission of the BCAA is to manifest the Christian faith through works of art, to deepen biblical understanding by interpreting scripture through artistic means, and to develop a contextual expression of the Gospel. As an organization, the BCAA hopes to enhance the clarity of Christian expression through artistic means and to empower artists to share the Gospel with the world. She has been a member of the Asian Christian Art Association (ACAA) since 1991.Since 2000 she has lived in Bali with her husband and two daughters.


What's Happening:

Exhibition Schedule
CHARIS at the International Forum for Christian Higher Education on Critical Breakthrough
in Atlanta, Georgia
February 24-26, 2010
This conference of 1200 leaders in Christian Higher Education includes a session with CHARIS artists, a media presentation of the exhibit and onsite presentation of a portion of the artwork followed by a lunch reception at Columbia Theological Seminary in nearby Decatur to view the rest of the CHARIS exhibit.

CHARIS at Columbia Theological Seminary
in Decatur, Georgia
January 20-August 7, 2010

CHARIS is featured in the Spring 2010 Issue of Image and SEEN.

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CHARIS featured in Mosaic Newsletter

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